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TEDxFIU 2013 – Exploring FIU

This is my follow up post to my TEDxFIU 2013 – Reimagine Possible post.

Some more pictures (in a slideshow) of TEDxFIU have been posted, for those interested. Also FIU’s Flicker has behind the scenes, and the event itself.

TEDxFIU was so insanely fun that I have to dedicate two posts to it! Consider this to be a more behind the scenes kind of deal, well…behind the scenes from my perspective. I’d like to share with you my adventure around the FIU campus as well as the cool stuff before and after the TEDxFIU event!

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Trucks and Tech

So since I haven’t drawn anything, cause I’m on an adventure, I figured I would share something fun.

I don’t know if I ever told you guys, but something I’ve always wanted to do is go to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. I’ve been to Germany before, and it was really cool, but I was also with my family so I couldn’t go exploring.

Well, I guess the closest I’m ever going to get to is the IZEA “Trucks and Tech” social gathering, which happened to be Oktoberfest-themed.

They were selling some cool, beer boots – and cause I’ve never owned a beer boot – I HAD TO HAVE IT.
I tried the seasonal pumpkin beer, but I guess it was more pumpkin spice than pumpkin…so it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.

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Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

For those who caught a glimpse of a personal blog post I made, I have to send my deepest apologies. You weren’t meant to see that per say – after speaking with my confidant – I realized how inappropriate it was. I will be journaling my hardxcore emotions in private posts from now on. I assume no one cares, but I thought I’d make the announcement anyway. 

This post will hence forth be about bears. I am one. So really, this post is about me, the Super Saiyan M Bear.

I realize that maybe my form is a bit aggressive, so I will try to tone it down. Also, I’m far too lazy to be able to keep a Kamehameha going for more than one picture per post. That shit takes effort to draw. But don’t lie, you know I use that MS Paint airbrush tool like a fucking pro. Look how real that looks. It’s basically coming right at you.

Bears and I, we are the same. Because we are mammals, we are furry. I am the hairiest person I know, because I am the most bear person I know.

It’s like a mirror image

Bears usually can be found chilling in their forest-y habitats. Sittin’ around, waiting till they’re hungry, or sleepy, or whatever their little bear hearts desire. I am no different. [Take note, my whole life occurs while I sit…to remind those who may have forgot]

Coloring in bears takes too much effort

Bears love to sleep, in fact, they love that shit so much they hibernate. So do I. (I hibernate on my stomach…cause sleeping on your back is overrated)

Think of them as polar bears, who live in…not the snow.

But you should never forget that bears are dangerous, like myself. If we feel threatened or if we are on the hunt, we can be scary as fuck. We will do anything to protect the things we love.

Why the fuck would anyone change MS Paint between windows XP and windows VISTA? Honestly. Leave that shit alone Microsoft. Its not that serious.

I’m glad I got to explain this to you all.

P.S. Sorry a lot of the color schemes don’t really match up, I was switching between MS Paint from a Windows XP and a Windows VISTA. And I’m too lazy to color correct shit. I’m a bear, we don’t do those kinds of details.









So, here’s something you may not have known about broccoli – it can help prevent arthritis :3! Alexandra Sifferlin’s article in time magazine talks about some delicious tastie healthy foods! Broccoli has potassium, zinc, fiber and the vitmain A, B, C, K!  {Kimbohydrates says that vitamins B & C are water soluable. However, vitamins A & K are fat soluble so if you really want to absorb those tasties, eat them with a little fat (cook with oil, butter, etc). } Turns out that some studies have found that broccoli and its besties (brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and cabbage) have sulfur compounds that filter out carcinogens! If that’s not delicious, I don’t know what is.

Here’s some flash facts about fruits – brought to you by MS Paint!

This brings me to another article from health.com, written by Sarah Richards, called Foods that fix your health problems! For example…

Bro, I’m super bloated. There’s a food for that!

  • Melon, cucumber and celery will flush you out!
  • 1 cup of papaya a week will help with gas and irregularity
  • FIBER SMOOTHIE!! toss in papaya, pineapple, protein powder, ice and almond milk!

Bro, my mood sucks lately. There’s a food for that!

  • Make sure you get breakfast*** within 2 hours of waking up. If you don’t have time or aren’t a breakfast person, a small fruit still counts!
  • Selenium, an awesome trace mineral, helps to make thyroid hormones! Get some from Brazil nuts, tuna, eggs or turkey!

Bro, my skin be cray. There’s a food for that!

  • Antioxidant rich onions! Or other sulfur-rich veggies, like leeks and scallions!
  • Up your vitamin B6 and/or B12

Bro, my I’m not sleeping very well. There’s a food for that!

  • Cherries, dried cherries, or cherry juice 1 to 2 hours before bed! It has melatonin!
  • Turkey – tryptophan comes in handy outside of Thanksgiving!
  • Bananas! Magnesium is a muscle relaxant :3
  • Sweet potatoes also have muscle relaxants and their a complex carb to keep your tummy full and happy during the night!

This is not photoshop at work here…this is a purple sweet potato.

I’d like to close my foodies post with this great discovery, SWEET POTATOES THAT ARE PURPLE, WTF? Yeah, no one tells me anything. Apparently purple sweet potatoes are a thing and they are a thing that is changing the way food dyes are made! That’s right, according to NPR, the natural purple color of these sweet potatoes is being used as a food dye! Boss. A bunch of well known companies have already started ditching artificial dyes for natural ones, so I guess purple is now a color they can choose from.

***An “optimal” breakfast is described as one that has whole grain (glucose for your brain), protein (to decrease hunger), and 1 or 2 antioxidant-rich fruits or vegetables.  I’ll probably make a post just on breakfast foods, cause breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! :3

And so this concludes my post – but I want to bounce some of these off of Kiam, because she’s the expert on nutrition. :D So let me know what you think!