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I know this is not something that people would consider evil. But it is.

According to dictionary type folks, evil is being morally bad, causing injury or harm to someone, or marked by bad luck or events.

Photobucket has harmed me…by fucking with my hobby. Well, fuck you photobucket.

I’ve been on my feet, running around at work, I come home, and behold – no pictures on my blog! I work night-shift tonight…so I don’t have time to get mad at photobucket.

When someone gives you evil lemons, throw that shit out cause that lemonade is gonna be hella bad luck. Instead, find some solutions to your lemonade problem, like…FLICKR.

Yep, so, bare (or bear) with me as I switch over to the picture beast known as Flickr. Some pictures may not be fully visible at the moment…I want you to just pretend its the funniest picture you’ve ever seen in you life. Lean back in your chair, laugh your ass off, tip your hat to your computer screen, and go about your internet browsing.

I will slave away fixing this issue…slowly. Mostly cause it sounds like work. And I’m not into working right now…like…for my hobby…cause I’m already doing that in the reals.

– SSM.


Author: imsupersaiyan

Blogging is hard. I'm just sayian.

62 thoughts on “EVILLLLLL

  1. And by “like” I mean “I know that feel, bro”. Goddamn internet. All we want to do is love you, y’know?

  2. I’m sorry to hear about photobucket… But that service has been trash since its inception imho. If flickr doesn’t do it for you, imgur is pretty damn fast and free. 95% of the pictures on reddit are hosted on imgur I would guess, so if it’s good nuff for them…

    Anyways, again, so sorry to hear about your problem. Welcome to the woes of being a webmaster! <3

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  13. i don’t like flikr because of their unfriendly linking system but hey, you can’t complain about the 1 terabyte of free space.

  14. Woah. That is definitely evil and terrible and I’m pretty sure I would go into fits if something like that happened over on my side of the interwebs. I hope you get it all sorted out soon :-/

    • RIGHT? It’s taking me forever (between work and online class projects) to switch all the images… I shouldn’t have fucking posted so much LMAO! Goodness.

      • Hahaha that’s what you get for working so hard to entertain us! Also– I just tried to spell it “intertain.” That’s pretty bad. I think I need to go back to bed.

        • Grrrrrrrrrrrl, I so can’t judge you on that if its a sleeping problem! You don’t even KNOW. I just slept four hours after a night shift and now I’m wide awake. Worst thing ever because I’m working again tonight :l

          • You work the night shift? Madness, I tell you. Madness! I did it for a year– it was like being a member of some underground subculture.

            • LMAOOOOOOOO RIGHT??? I actually have a post kind of set up in drafts about it…but…I have no time this week to make pictures.
              I like it so far, I just wish my body and mind were on the same page… it’s really fucking with my non-work time. You know what I mean?

              • Totally know what you mean– I did it so that I could edit a book all night, so it was absolutely worth it. But it makes social interaction an extra level of difficult :-/

                • Oh really? What book?
                  Yeah, social interaction with a night shift team is basically non existent… People really keep to themselves I’ve noticed… It felt like I was the only one having conversations.

                  • Sometimes the best conversations are those we have with ourselves……… or so I tell myself.

                    Aaaaaand I may have tried to write a book. Who knows. I have someone editing it now and then we’ll see what happens. *sigh of defeat*

                    • Um, Aussa, that’s freaking amazing! Good for you!!! Am I allowed to ask the genre at least? :) I bet you’ll become a best selling author and forget all about us lowly wordpress folk, lol!

                    • Haha, whatever!!!!!!!!!!
                      It’s memoir-ish I guess… it’s just a recounting of the year I spent backpacking in Asia– what led me to make such a ridiculous decision and all the aftermath of it. It’s like my blog… on crack. If you can imagine haha.

  15. GAH!!! Yeah….definitely not into doing work for a hobby….how annoying!!

    • Riiiiiiiiiiiight??? Uuuugh, I’m like…half way through my posts in October.
      What site host do you use for your blog??? I just realized you have tons of pictures on yours, THUS YOU ARE AN EXPERT!

  16. So sorry to hear about your Photobucket experience. They are big time suckers indeed!
    Switching to flickr/picasa is a good idea. Hope they don’t turn out to be douche bags just like Photobucket.

    P.S. – Your blog posts are witty , captivating & kick-ass!:D
    Keep Writing gal!:)


  17. Oh my gosh those are the funniest pictures I have ever seen! Awesome.

  18. Excellent Blog.. I like your way to write.. I bookmark your blog link. Keep update…

  19. Bastards, and here I was holding out for some more epicness!

    I suppose your mouth words will do! ;)

  20. bad lemons = bad lemonade, true dat

  21. That’s right, you deserve better. That relationship wasn’t good enough, especially, if it’s going to treat you that way. Ok..that’s my relationship advice. ; )

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