I'm just Super Saiyan

No one tells me anything, just saiyan…


Hello friend,

So, you have found me, at long last.
I finally got a smart phone, but I still prefer more “traditional” ways of “keeping in touch” with peoples. Since I got rid of facebook a few years back I have gotten a bit hermit-ish. I generally communicate with my posse solely through emails and text messages, so I decided to take it up a notch and go ovaries deep into blogging.

I will be updating this blog whenever I feel like it.  Finding my weird, secret blog isn’t quite as fulfilling as you thought it’d be, right? It’s okay, I’ve been there. I’m far less impressive than I thought too. We can hug it out later.

I will post things that I am thinking about, just discovered or maybe even rediscovered. Basically, there’s no theme to this blog. Feel free to start reading really old posts if you’re trying to waste time. I’m a professional time-waster, so you can trust me.

I am a registered nurse who already has a degree in biology with a minor in psychology. I work night shift, meaning I spend a great deal of time netflixing since I’m awake when no one else is.  I like spending my time on the internet and trash talking sassy people in videya gaimes. I have a severe case of wanderlust. I’m still exploring my new “home town” and trying to fit in to this city that I’ve fallen in love with despite my social solitude. If that hasn’t seduced you yet, then you haven’t seen my final form.




82 thoughts on “About

  1. Hahaha.. you’ve got some humour there.
    Would love read more of your articles. Also blogs without theme give you a variety of stuff. I have somewhat similar kind of blog as well..

  2. Nice to meet you super! looking forward to read more of your posts.

    • Thanks Ana, I hope they entertain you as much as they entertain me. But I’m easily amused…so I should set my standards a bit higher to make sure you keep enjoying them.

      • Honestly Super, i am amazed by the talent here in the blogging world. and i appreciate people voicing their inner voices. if you are sharing even a bit of your life with me. i am thankful to you. and even if you have read even one of my blogs. you have touched my life and i am thankful to u.

  3. [ Smiles ] You have a very entertaining blog.

    • Thanks Renard! I do what I can with what I’ve got. Which is not much, but luckily I’m this blogging generation’s internet MacGyver, so I’m about to take some paperclips, a plastic soda bottle and several stolen house keys to keep this blog going.

  4. I couldn’t be happier to have found your blog- it’s witty, well-written, and right up my alley!

    Glad to be a new follower!


    • Thanks Andrew! That’s a lot of compliments, I will take them all, lol! Glad to have you reading my crazy junk.

      I see that you draw as well! Probably a bit more seriously than I do, I dig it!

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  6. Glad to have discovered your secret little blog, thanks for checking out Geek Blogger UK – you’ve earned a new friend!

  7. Brilliant! I love your blog already. Looking forward to keeping up with your posts. Very glad I found it!

  8. HI :) I’ve nominated you for the WordPress family Award :) You an inspiration, that’s why I nominated you! Check it out here: http://marrysantos92.wordpress.com/2013/10/15/wordpress-family-award/ Much love

  9. I’ve got the Super Saiyan blood. See my hair.

  10. I like to you to conquer the world…

  11. HAHAHAHAHA “I’m broke as fuck.” I wish I couldn’t relate to that!! I’m dying.

  12. Anybody who is willing to get ovaries deep into blogging deserves to be followed…I’m in!

  13. So glad I found your weird, secret blog! Had a good giggle reading this bio. Love it! :)

  14. You’ve got an excellent blog.

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  16. really liked your blog!…i don’t know how you come up with those graphics, but they are awesome…i have myself started a blog recently..I think I can learn a lot from you

    • Thanks Sandeep, they come out of my weird head and its translated to my left hand…that’s like the worst explanation of how I come up with my graphics. I’m two months into blogging, so, I don’t know how much you can learn – lol! But I mean, inspiration and education come in all shapes and sizes :)

  17. with appreciation and the honest and lightness of your “About”
    had me smiling and inwardly laughing
    looking forward to reading more
    wishing you all good things

  18. Very nice blog…!
    and your thoughts…!

  19. I <3 U!!! UR posts are awesome!!! You need your own comic series! They are adorable and relatable topics! : D

  20. Hey there Super Saiyan M,

    I nominated you for a couple of awards. You can check them out here,


    It’s totally up to you whether you wanna do anything about it or not, but I expect something funny to come out of this, of course. I’m just saiyan… :-)

    • Aw thank you, that’s super flattering. And I’m always down for some dragon ball z puns <3
      I think I was nominated for two of those awards, but I'll definitely come up with something soon as gratitude! YOU ROCK!

  21. Hey, Super Saiyan! I have a request. May I, could I, can I interview you for my WordPress class magazine? If you agree, I will email you some softball questions in the next week or so. I don’t need the answers back until after the 20th of this month. Some of the people in this class are checking out your blog and would love to know some tips a popular up-and-coming blogger like yourself might have for them. Please agree (but it’s cool if you don’t) but if you do agree, just go to the contact page on either one of my personal blogs and send me your email privately. Talk to you later!

    • Dyyylan, where you been man.
      Well, that’s super flattering that you want to interview me for your class! As long as I don’t have to give out any personal information, I’m totally down. Also, I dunno how popular I am LOL but I mean, I’m really good at pretending to be important. You can send me questions through the email I’ve got on here supersaiyanm @ gmail . com :)

      • Thanks a lot, I’ll get you the question sheet before Monday. Just tack on a little bio of whatever you want to say. The article will basically be about what you like about blogging on WordPress and any tips you might have for the kids! (Btw, half the “kids” in this class are older than you!) Sorry I haven’t commented this week, but I still read your blogs! But commenting is hard, I’m just saiyan. A good comment is almost as hard as writing a post!

        • Sounds good man, I love being hip with the kids – whatever the age, lol. I’m just giving you a hard time, I had no idea comments had to be so thoughtful. I think I’m doing it wrong. Also, excellent pun, I see what you did there! lol!

    • Dammit dude! She’s so cool… I was just going to ask her the same thing…
      Guess, I’ll leave it for another time… You got here first so I’ll respect that unwritten rule.

  22. Haha! Broke as fuck! So am I. Love your posts :)

  23. Hi there, I’m following you just because a girl making a dragon ball reference is just the awesomest thing ever. And I like your posts, good use of humor :)

    • I like to think anyone making dragon ball references is pretty bad ass – but I guess ovaries take it up a notch or something.
      Thanks Kevin or Robert or Ronald…I’m not sure which one of you is speaking, lol.

      • Hahaha in my experience ovaries can amplify pretty much anything remotely related to emotions or perception :P. And with that in mind I gotta say I’m happy to know you’re using your superpower for good….sort of. It’s Kevin btw :). Nice to have sort of met you, lol.

  24. Awesome blog. No Fb and no smartphone! You are my hero. Ever since I got a smartphone (only few months ago) for the first time…my life has been a disaster. lol I think I need intervention…

    • The fb is by choice, the smartphone I can’t help because I’m broke, LOL.
      Make your own intervention, its not too late, you can still go back!!!
      Just don’t look it directly in the face – or screen – its like Medusa, you’ll turn to stone and never be able to look away.

  25. love your cartoons…nice fun posts! keep sharing!

  26. You had me at “balls/ovaries deep” lol

  27. Hi Super Saiyan M… You’re really awesome and funny and probably the funniest blog I’ve come across so far in my nearly 2 weeks of blogging. How do you be so funny? I wish I could be as funny as you but I think it comes naturally to you. God given talent… Lucky you… Jealous.

    • My God given talent is actually the amount of sugar cookies I am able to consume. But, I mean, thanks anyways man! Glad you like it, have fun blogging, I know I did when I had time for it LOL! Now I just bum around I guess…

      • Sugar Cookies! That sounds yum. I love sweet stuff. Like I literally crave for the stuff several times a day…

        And I am absolutely loving blogging at the moment. You can probably tell by how actively I blog. I think I posted four articles today. Gosh! I have no life right now.

        But honestly, the web comics are genius and I actually took some inspiration from your writing. To take a simple concept and to turn into what you do is a talent.

        As a fan, I wish you would continue whenever you can. No rushing. Can’t rush a genius, unless he’s Sherlock Holmes.

  28. Hey M, where you been? I miss your blog! I know you took that night job. Just wanted to know how you were doing.

    • What up, Dylan the Villain. It rhymes, new nickname for you, just made it up. I’m amazing.
      Yeah I’m working and packing and moving and family visiting and I had finals happening. LOL, hopefully I’ll post more stuff since its a brand new year. But probably not until after I move!

  29. Love your sense of humour! It’s half 4 am here, but I think I’ll have to read all your posts now.

    • 4am? Sounds like a challenge for your eyes! I only know of one person who read every single one of my posts…okay…two people. I should make a little digital trophy or something. Hope you enjoyed it!

  30. PS… I miss you … that is all. :(

    • Well, if it isn’t the gorgeous, and deliciously talented, Rebecca Anne!!! Girrrrrrrrrrrrrl I missed you too! I hope you had some amazing holidays. Though, by the look of your posts…I can only assume every day is a delicious holiday. Happy new year <3

  31. hehehe.. loved your intro:)
    You are kool and yes you impressed me :P
    Take care

  32. Haha thats a nice humourous intro!
    You’ve got a new follower in me. Looking ahead to more of your posts :)

  33. I also have a talent for wasting time and would like to know what agency would approve of my ways (I’m trying to be funny, I don’t know if it’s working). I also have to say your doodles are adorable and will be stickin’ around.

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