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Accidental Penis


For those who don’t know, I started my new job a while ago. I decided to take the night shift because I was always interested in it as a student…so I wanted to explore and see if it was something I would enjoy as an employee.

Welp, one thing is for certain…my sleeping pattern is completely fucked up. This became blatantly obvious to me just a few moments ago.

So, I was typing up an essay for an online class I’m taking; the post was about hematology. Specifically, the subject was about Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT).

As I typed and typed and hit “submit” into the online forum discussion…I realized I had typed, about eleven times, Heparin Induced ThrombocytoPENIS.

Sweet baby Neptune. What have I done?

Now, before anyone panics…because I fucking did… there is in fact an “edit” button for certain discussion postings.

Best. Invention. Ever.

So, it’s fixed now. But for a good five minutes I really thought I had just submitted a graded assignment with the word penis eleven times in it. I probably would have looked like the least mature nursing student of all time.

In my defense…the S key is right there next to the damn A key on the stupid keyboard!!!!!!! And my lack of sleep didn’t help me catch the error because I may have half-assed the proof reading. Also, don’t judge me, I’m sure I’m not the only person who copy/pastes long words so that they don’t have to type them over and over again…

Since I’m still in the process of changing allllll my daaaamn pictures from photobucket to flickr (why do I post so fucking much? Seriously… its only been three months since I started this blog thing), I haven’t had the time to make a proper post. I’d like to offer you another picture of a pokemon (ditto this time) eating a burger.

Also, here’s a great song (that’s stuck in my head) that I wish to entertain you with.

This one keeps popping up in my head too:

Okay, back to work. I’ll have a fresh, new, actual post soon [hopefully].


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60 thoughts on “Accidental Penis

  1. You’ve been gone! You’re posting less than me now.

    • I know man! Nightshift really fucks with my sleeping :(
      When I get home I fall asleep, and then all this time has passed and its like an hour before I got to go straight back to the hospital!
      I hope I get used to it soon so I can go back to being productive. And by productive I mean procrastinate by drawing my dumb doodles.

  2. Purity Ring is like a shotgun blast of candy in 0 gravity.

    • Your slow-motion description of deliciousness only makes sense to me if it was shot into my stomach so that I could eat the Purity Ring candies.
      Purity Ring is pretty good, although I’m quite picky with which songs I like from the shrines album.

  3. Thumbo..thrombon..thrombo oh I’ll just say Hi! don’t go super saiyan on me :P

  4. i became tired more often when i stopped eating meat and switched to a vaginaterian.

  5. Hahaha so many giggles from this. I think you should have left it and waited to see if it was noticed… I tend to skip over large words when I’m reading. I’m just like “the patient is exhibiting an acute case of hmmmmmmm with a possible hmmmmmm.” But that’s also because that hamster running on the wheel in my brain is actually a wee little turtle wearing a fur coat and some things are just not worth the effort.

    Gah, I say the weirdest things at night. This is why I wasn’t allowed to have wifi at home for most of 2013.

  6. Having a post with a Ditto is always worth it, even if it is short. I want a ditto around I have an ice cream sandwich. Then I would get two.

  7. “Accidental Penis”… kinda like “Secret Squirrel”, but with less fur and a waterproof hat!

  8. LOL! Oh, my colleagues and I had a good giggle over this!

  9. I expected nothing less of you. You make me proud to be your friend!

  10. Good lord! Thank you to the person who allowed an Edit button on discussion posts!!!!!! I’m sure your class would have gotten a good laugh out of it =) I’m sure no one noticed!

    How often are you working the night shift? My husband started a night shift at his first job as an EMT and it was an experience. His sleep schedule was way off, too! Hang in there until something during “normal” hours comes along(if you can and want to, that is!), sleep is very important young lady!! <3 hehe.

    Anywho, I do miss your amazingly funny posts but you have to make that bacon! =) SO, I'm super excited either way whenever I see a post from you! If anything, it gives your creative mind time to think of another amazing post!


    • LOL I know!!! Edit buttons are the best. I work night shift full time even though I’m per diem, the reason being that they’re still in the process of hiring more full time/part time night shifters.

      Yeah, sleep really is important! LOL! And I’m missing it! How long did he do night shift? I think I’d like to do it for a few more months.

      <3 ILU CHRISTINA! You're such a great person, always supporting me!

      • <2 ILU2! =)
        He worked that shift for a whole year. I dunno how, I think we both just got numb to it and the year just went by. LOL. I think once you get a schedule down for yourself, you'll be okay. It's just such a shock to your sleeping schedule, but I know you can do it, super lady!!!!!!! <3

  11. Giiiiirl I am going to come over and kill the nightshift if it keeps on interfering with your posting. Booooooo… we miss you.

  12. Hahahaha!!! I laughed so hard… and loud. Which people don’t like at 4:30 am. Totally blaming you for that one. I am glad you were able to edit though! That’s good news. Great news, even.
    Nice song selections! I do like Two Door Cinema Club. Good stuff. Never heard the one before it, but really dig that too. Thanks! :)

    • What are you doing up at 4:30am??? You should be working the night shift WITH ME if you’re up at that hour!
      Editing is like a a warm hug from a toasted sandwich, it just feels right and delicious.
      I adore Two Door Cinema Club! Now if only they would tour around here more often!!! >:(

  13. Clearly got it on the brain…

    Hope the night shifts are going well. May be doing something similar shortly, and am massively looking forward to it. Working through the night, that is… not the nursing part.

    • LOLLL, more like I’ve got a lack of sleep on the brain.
      Night shifts aren’t bad at all once your body adjusts…I think the first few days of doing it you think the world hates you and you can’t tell up from down…but then things mellow out. What kind of night shift job are you going to be doing???

      • If it happens, it’ll be a writing gig. The magazine I write for may – just may – be on the verge of paying me to go full-time with them early next year. It means that the hours would be kinda down to me, bar interviews and meetings, but I’d also be doing a lot of news reports for the mag’s website… and most of the news drops throughout the day in the States, meaning the small hours over here. I’m a massive fan of working through the night, so I’d absolutely love that.

        All a bit up in the air at the moment, though. Fingers crossed.

        • Fingers crossed for sure! That sounds fantastic!
          You love working through the night??? I guess I should be asking you for pointers or tips, because I don’t know if I’ve fully got the hang of it just yet.

          • Yeah, I’m not really one for sleep. Thinking about it, I think it’s more the fact that I love writing, and, having a ‘real’ job throughout the day, means that the writing generally happens at night and the early morning. Maybe that’s more it.

            My only tip… strong coffee with plenty of sugar. Oh, and drinks with guarana in. Either those or a really exciting film.

  14. There could be somebody out there on that forum who saw it and now thinks that is the proper spelling. They’re doomed! D:

  15. Mistakes were made! What result did you get out of the report, just wondering because I’m somewhat interested in Heamatology (correct way of spelling it xD)

    • I got full marks, but I also write a ton and I’m very meticulous with citations and such. I work mother fucking hard for my grades! Are you European? I always see that spelling from Euro research papers.

      • Citations, references (and bibliography) are very harshly marked! I want to become like you, working hard for my grade (which I plan on doing, lots of late nights :p) . I’m on my second year of university and from now on it counts towards my final grade.
        Yes from England :)

  16. Two things. 1. I love Ditto and 2. I love Two Door Cinema Club. I’ve missed your posts and I look forward to you getting into a better sleep routine. I hope you are enjoying your new job!!

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