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TEDxFIU 2013 – Exploring FIU


This is my follow up post to my TEDxFIU 2013 – Reimagine Possible post.

Some more pictures (in a slideshow) of TEDxFIU have been posted, for those interested. Also FIU’s Flicker has behind the scenes, and the event itself.

TEDxFIU was so insanely fun that I have to dedicate two posts to it! Consider this to be a more behind the scenes kind of deal, well…behind the scenes from my perspective. I’d like to share with you my adventure around the FIU campus as well as the cool stuff before and after the TEDxFIU event!

I spent the morning of TED wandering around the FIU library…because libraries are my favorite places. Here’s me, killing time, and snapping photos of the library.

The computer lab on the second floor has a sea of touch screen desk top computers – which I have never seen or used before, this is me and my first time using one – so of course I go straight to MS Paint! I’m a huge dork.

Then we made our way to the Herbert and Nicole Wertheim Performing Arts Center on campus.  Here’s some of the things I saw on the way.

We picked up our name badges and made our way inside. The room looked absolutely stunning and incredibly exciting. I nearly pooped myself seeing the front stage with the iconic “TED” letters in red.

During intermission we got to have some snacks and tasty treats in the Wertheim pavilion. Super awesome decorations were set up now that it was dark outside!

After the TED event was over, we were informed that there was some goodies outside for those who were interested. I am never one to turn down good stuff, also Kiam and Sven were excited about the announcement cause of what they experienced the previous year at TEDxFIU.



Once we had no room to breath, because of how much we stuffed our faces, we left back to the Wertheim pavilion area where a new display of dessert mountains stood before us. Also, on the walls, we saw the Cortada art prints!



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12 thoughts on “TEDxFIU 2013 – Exploring FIU

  1. I remember going to a sushi place. They made me eat with sticks too, I tried all sorts of strategies to make the food go in my mouth but nothing seemed to work. I never tried screaming at my food though to scare it into going my mouth.

    The worst is the rice, of like all the food in the world I feel like rice is probably the worst food to try and eat with sticks. Which makes you wonder why they never invented utensils like spoons and instead insisted on sticks. But this is probably just me, I am not a clever man.

    • You just need to practice more with chop sticks. I have tried screaming at my food in an attempt to fear-drive it into my mouth hole. It doesn’t work.

      I think you should keep eating sushi until you get it. Because sushi is amazing and chopstick usage is relevant. You will then become a very clever man.

  2. Sushi stacks everywhere! Were more delightful words ever spoken? That looks like a great event, good for you!

    • Right? I’ve never been to ANY kind of event that throws sushi at you left and right. They spoiled us rotten. I don’t know about the sushi being better than the talks though – I really, really love TED talks.

  3. Cuuuute pictures!!!! So cute! Much wow!

  4. Love this! I love TED and love libraries even more!!!

  5. Looked like such a fun time!! I loved how everything glowed, too! How fancy! <3
    FIU has a really pretty campus, too. I literally LOLed through your whole review of their library, as well as your video! Love ya, girl! Glad you had a blast!!

  6. You forgot about the part where the tent was only 20 degrees inside and we had to stuff our faces for warmth.

    • LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO poop I did forget to mention the tent was cold!
      I think my memory of the event was overwritten with how awesome the food was.
      Food usually trumps temperature in my memories. u___u cause I love food.
      Thanks again for telling me about the event KIM! <3

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