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I messed up, big time.


Something terrible happened to me this morning, and it made me realize that I’m going about some things the wrong way.

This blog is one of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging, I’m glad I’m doing it. In many ways I really need an outlet and I like that I can just pop on here and start talking to my close friends who have also taken up blogging. But, this blog cannot carry on the way it is now!

I overslept this morning and I missed an 8am appointment I had, because last night I stayed up drawing a SHARKTATO, among other things.  I can’t believe I even typed that.  I also forgot to do something very important yesterday, which can only be blamed on me. I got a phone interview scheduled this upcoming week about that job that I came in for. The hiring process seems to be working backwards, since I showed up in person and now I’m getting a phone interview, but I’m not about to start complaining.

If I do get the job, I can’t be blogging as often as I am.

First of all, the name needs to change. Second of all, I need to start posting (more) nursing stuff, not necessarily on this blog. Third, l I can’t keep posting daily on this blog. I enjoy it but I think its a bit much.  The seasons are changing, and so is this blog.

Basically, I’m staging my own blogging intervention.

It needs to happen. I’m on  here far too much. This is like the time I first signed up for Tumblr or Etsy.  Just days and days of nothing but me on those websites, ignoring the outside world. I hope this doesn’t mean I have an addictive personality. Oh shit.

So I guess this is me, letting you guys know, that I’m going to tone it down a bit on the posting.


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Blogging is hard. I'm just sayian.

23 thoughts on “I messed up, big time.

  1. Oh Boy, I think we all have been there, I actually had to do a Pintervention once myself, Yes I was addicted to Pinterest, if you look me up on that website, you will see me with over 200 boards, and 6,300 followers, it became overwhelming, so now I allow myself a certain day or time, and I haven’t lost any followers, and now my peeps just look forward to when I am on there, I think it will be the same for you, I mean you can do what you want, it is your blog, and your life, but your blog works, the name, the theme, What I am trying to say is I think your blog is special, I wouldn’t mind if you posted once a month, I look forward to your next post, ( no matter when that might be) You are smart enough to realize that your education and career have got to come first, and that is great, so I wish you the best, no matter what you decide to do, and whenever you find time to post or not, I’ll be a fan of yours and this incredibly wonderful, witty, funny, ingenious blog of yours!!! after all you are a BEAR and they are known to hibernate this time of year! I love you Girl!!!! Best Wishes!!! and you are a WINNER! and will go far in life, please save all of these drawings I think an E book is in your future!!!!! Much love to you Sista!!! xoxoxoxo

    • You really are such a supportive person Annmarie, seriously. I’m jealous of people who get to spend time with you in real life, such a genuine person is invaluable to have in one’s life! I’m just brainstorming ways to be more productive, like you said, career and education come first. And it is true, that we bears hibernate, you give the best compliments lol. An E book implies people would purchase these doodles, that’s just crazy! But I appreciate the thought behind it. You’re the best. Love you way more.

      • Awww, Thank you boo an E Book? Yes, sign me up! I would buy that book, and other people would too! just keep the idea on the back burner, I know what you mean about being more productive, I am limiting myself on here as well, and thank you for the compliments too, it’s funny, when I came across your blog, I was like, this is so creative, and then I got to talking with you, and I am so glad I came across you and your wonderful blog, I am rooting for you girl, You are going to be a super star!!! and I love you my lil Sista!!! xoxoxo

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  9. Do what you have to do for you, we’ll be here waiting :)

  10. Oh man, this is what happened to me as well. Stayed up late to post the questions and then I went to bed at like butt o’clock in the morning… overslept and missed my class. Woops e_e

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  15. I know how you feel sweetie…my first month blogging I wrote almost every day, and then my life started yelling at me to “PAY ATTENTION TO ME, DUMMY!” You have to find a balance…and you will!

    • Well at least I’m not the only one. LOL, I just get so caught up – if I’m not typing a post to publish, I’m reading the blogs of others, and I lose track of time :C I’m already planning my schedule so that I can have time for everything.

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