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Accidental Penis

For those who don’t know, I started my new job a while ago. I decided to take the night shift because I was always interested in it as a student…so I wanted to explore and see if it was something I would enjoy as an employee.

Welp, one thing is for certain…my sleeping pattern is completely fucked up. This became blatantly obvious to me just a few moments ago.

So, I was typing up an essay for an online class I’m taking; the post was about hematology. Specifically, the subject was about Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT).

As I typed and typed and hit “submit” into the online forum discussion…I realized I had typed, about eleven times, Heparin Induced ThrombocytoPENIS.

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Throughout my life I have really gone up and down that gradient scale between extrovert and introvert. Its hard to be social and actively seek out new friendships when I’ve had so many moments, especially this year, where I question who I am. The number of times I’ve caught myself confused about my own feelings or thoughts leads me to believe that I need to do a lot more research about myself. I need to conduct more studies, test more variables, and perform more experiments to determine a more current definition of myself. But, does anyone really require a definition? I suppose a certain amount should be necessary. The question is, how can anyone new in my life understand all of these complexities.

I was reading through my bloggies this morning, and came across the Daily Prompt. I thought to myself, wouldn’t that be easy? Just handing over a mixtape to new people in my life, and suddenly they would know me. It could contain all the songs that I felt I related to since I was younger gradually leading up to the person I am today. But music is like any other media, it can be interpreted in several different ways. So perhaps the playlist I share, that I feel is the best representation of who I am, turns out to be a completely different person to anyone else who listens. Or maybe I’m just getting a bit too philosophical over a very simple task – which would be to create a list of songs I enjoy.

Either way, lets see if it works.

My favorite band: Radiohead: 15 Step, Everything in its Right PlaceHouse of Cards, BodysnatchersHigh & Dry, their albums are all gold – see for yourself.

My favorite Chiptune: 

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What does the fox say?

So I just watched “The Fox” video from the Norwegian brother comedy team Ylvis, lol it reminded me of Lonely Island. Basically these two gentle men describe their assumptions as to what their favorite animal sounds like.  Watch it, and you’ll understand:

They put so much effort into that song, so I thought I’d help them out. The following are the noises that foxes make:

Your welcome.







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Moar Study/Music Session

Here are some soothing songs to get lost in:

    1. Radiohead – Lotus Flower. TKOL REMIX – I am super bias :3 < 3
    2. The Bird and The Bee – Witch
    3. Junip – Without You
    4. DyE – Fantasy
    5. MS MR – Fantasy
    6. MS MR – Dark Doo Wop
    7. Thievery Corporation – All that we percieve
    8. Deadbeats – Funky for you
    9. Neon Indian – Polish Girl
    10. Starfucker – Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second
    11. Edamame – Bayaka
    12. Tycho – Walk

I should really make a MS MR appreciation post, they are so gewd.

Side note Tycho (AKA Scott Hansen) is someone I’ve been listening to for a while, and it just so happens that he’s also a good looking kid :3

I’m going to actually get up and go do something now. But in the mean time, here’s a bonus song, maybe some of you recognize it.







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Study Session/Music Session

Ey grl, “show me where you fit” as James Blake would say. I have been playing Retrograde on repeat for several hours. :3 I do this basically any time I hear the song even just once. It’s so good.  You should indulge yourself!

“You’re on your own
In a world you’ve grown
Few years to go,
Don’t let the hurdle fall
So be the girl you loved,
Be the girl you loved”

I think I will post more music. On an unrelated side note, I want to be an astronaut for Halloween.