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Le Gobelins


So I stumbled upon this site: http://www.gobelins.fr

It’s in French, but what I investigated its some kind of school of arts in France. Their youtube channel is very entertaining.  I wanted to share one of the student works in particular, “In Between”:

But there are several student works worth watching, so go exploring! I liked one of the more recent posts entitled “Myosis”:

I ordered a few books off of amazon and they are here. I am so excited to read them. At some point I should do some cleaning up in my room. Introduction to Critical Care Nursing is interesting so far, I’ll post some things I’m jotting down in a later post. I also need to go grocery shopping…but its Labor day, so I also feel like going to Barnes and Noble and using a coupon to get something tasty to eat or drink or read. Decisions, decisions. Mad cause I’m drinking Jasmine tea? Yeah, yer mad.

Before I go, Super Mario Parkour!!!







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2 thoughts on “Le Gobelins

  1. I got up to go get a snack from the kitchen, went into The Michi Zone, and ended up here. Pictorial reference: http://imgur.com/a4CVG

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