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Reading Material


I have gotten super picky about my reading material over the last couple of years. Maybe its because I’ve been forced to read so much content in nursing school that I’ve kind of lost touch with what it means to “read for pleasure.” Or maybe my taste in books has changed without me realizing it. Either way, I just don’t pick up books like I used to.

These days, when I pick up books, I’m looking to learn something. I’m not looking to be lectured. I repeat – NO LECTURES! I’ve gotten enough of those from my college education… I’m just searching for that text out there that will inspire discussion and even stir up my emotions. Books with a message, research texts about a topic that interests me, something that makes me question myself to better understand who I am. I realize, reading this back, that this sounds like a huuuuuuge feat, but truthfully for all of the content out there all it really takes is for me to read one thought provoking sentence to completely change the way I think.

TEDTalks are a great example of what I mean. I’m looking to learn something new, hear the point of view of different people, see a topic in a light that I hadn’t even thought of before. I actually own a couple of books written by authors who were TEDTalk speakers.

My selection process goes a little something like this:

Basically I’ve been guilty of the following:

  • Selecting one book over another because of its price
  • Selecting no books because of their price…
  • Selecting one book over another because of how it looks
  • Disregarding all books from a particular author that I have previously read and disliked; regardless of any change in writing style/topic selection that the author may have undergone

I feel guilty that these are incorporated in my selection process, but its the honest truth.

The even more honest truth is that I go to Barnes and Noble to read books for free while drinking coffee at their little café. I’m a full on moocher.

HOWEVER! When it comes to bloggers that I follow, all bets are off. Unlike books, I can enjoy following a blogger who has completely different interests than my own. I don’t even have to be blown away by their blog layout. Best of all, I don’t have to bring cash up front to view their posts. Books and blogs are like two different dimensions. I read several different blogs, and have done so for several years. Bloggers are great because although they are usually themed – style, cooking, technology, gaming – I get to indulge and share in the excitement of whatever they’re posting. And that’s something that a good majority of books can’t do, truly connect with their audience. I say majority, but I know there are plenty of books out there that completely tear through you and force you to see pieces of yourself that you may or may not have wanted to see. Bloggers more easily achieve this kind of reading catharsis for me, just because I get to know that person. I can interact with them. I can follow them through their own daily journeys and see their struggles as they parallel with my own. Some bloggers I use for an escape, since their lives are so different than mine. I don’t know if my blog does any of these things for other people…lol okay I know it doesn’t…but I do enjoy being a part of the blogging community. Even if it is just me ranting about things 90% of the time.

Okay so now I want to hear from you guys! This is a daily prompt, but I still want to know your answers.

How do you pick what blogs or books to read? What’s the one thing that will get you to pick up a book or click on a link every single time?


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16 thoughts on “Reading Material

  1. How do guys choose anything? (Tits) Okay, but other than that….I go highly off of intuition. It’s sometimes wrong, but most of the time it steers me right. When you hear of something, say a book, and just feel that it’s right up your alley. In your wheelhouse so to speak. That’s usually how i settle on most things. Very spiritual. Also, I’ve done the “That book’s cheaper than that one, and I’d still like to eat this week” thing. But i’ll go with the spiritual thing as my final answer;)

    • You’re right, that does sound way better than saying I’m super broke LOL!
      I think I may have a bit of book intuition, although its not very strong… I want to say that the majority of the time I end up being completely indecisive. BUT! There will be that one book, where I read the inside cover and just know that if I don’t get this I’m going to regret it! That kind of intuition or feeling is hella uncommon for me though. It’s only happened a hand full of times.

  2. I usually read the backcover of the book, and then it usualy feels cool or not. Although to be fair I like almost all books, especially when they are story books. Especially story books about odd things, like Life og Pi, which was the first book I bought I think after I left for college, like 7 years ago. I remember the backcover making me laugh and it is still one of my favourite books ever.

    • I always read the back/inside cover and the author’s little mini bio. I’m not one to read the reviews, which seem to take up a lot of space on many books these days. I can’t remember the last time I bought a “story” book – I think the last one I read I borrowed from my brother. It was “John dies at the end.” Which also happens to have been turned into a movie and is now on Netflix! But I am waiting to watch it with my brother.

  3. Yayyy, Welcome aboard, I love these daily prompts, and I am so happy to see you joining in, o.k. first things first, when I first found your blog, I knew right away after reading one post, yours would be a blog I would follow, you make me laugh, and you know already I am in love with your drawings,◕‿◕ and I read your post all the way to the end, it kept me engaged. o.k. so now how do I pick books? I am usually drawn in by the cover, and perhaps the title, I am a very visual person, perhaps why I like your blog so much, but I don’t usually just dive in after that, I also need to know something about the author, I am a book worm, I have read literally thousands of books, and they are all different, I guess it is also what kind of mood I am in, so even though it is a criteria of sorts I will have to say a good Cover can lure me into buying a book I might not of bought otherwise! ◕‿◕

    • Pretty sure you’re the nicest person on the internet. You should find out if they give awards for that, cause you’d win by default.
      Also thanks, as always, I love hearing from you Annmarie! And I’m glad that I’m a big enough dork to make you laugh.
      I’m the same way when it comes to covers, as I am also a visual learner. LEFT HANDED AND RIGHT BRAINED – ALL DAY ERRY DAY. Just kidding. But I do agree that I may pick a book based on my current mood. There was a period of time, for about three months, that I was trying to find out more about myself – specifically with regards to relationships. So I read five to six books all on the topic of relationships (biological and conditioned rationales); so if there was a good sci fi book or fictional book lying around, it was sadly ignored for the time being.

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  5. Awww, Thank you, so much, I really do look forward to seeing your blog, I agree with you, as far as educational books, I love them! I need to learn things my brain feeds on it, and I am always on the hunt for those types of books as well, prior to signing up for my blog I read about 10 books, including the almighty for dummies series, yes there is a “BLOGGING FOR DUMMIES ” book, and I read it cover to cover, but like I said, I am a visual person and very hands on as well, and I knew I would have to dive right in if I was ever to grasp this blogging concept, and when I look back to the very beginning, I do feel as I have learned a lot already! and then sometimes I just want a sappy love story, ( Not that often lol) I also like to read non fiction, and hear what goes on behind the scenes of my favorite people, and history, and politics and, how to books and, and, oh who am I kidding, I Love all Books!!!!!

    • LOLLLLLLLLLLL I SAW BLOGGING FOR DUMMIES IN BARNES AND NOBLES! And I defiantly looked in it too. I don’t know that it helped me much…lol…but I have been snooping around trying to find out more about blogs. It’s weird because I encouraged a lot of people to start blogging, but I only knew about a few of its aspects. Now I have come to terms with the fact that I have no idea what I’m doing and I’m okay with it. So long as others are okay with it too…specifically my terrible grammar…hopefully people don’t judge too harshly.

      • I agree, even though I read it, if you are not familiar with the terms, it is not going to help you that much, I think what we are doing is the best way, just get out there, and do it, I don’t think anyone is judging you, we are all in this together, learning and growing, we both started around the same time, and I hope you will continue with your blog, it will be interesting a year from now, to see what our blogs will be like, and besides I think you blog is awesome!!!

  6. So true! I read almost constantly up until the age of about 20 or 21 and then it kind of, fizzled off somehow. Which sucks because books and stories and running away into another world is wonderful. But now money and (also me too) being fickle over covers is killing my first love.
    In fact, perfect example. My ancient paperback version of 1984 was falling to pieces so off I went to buy a new copy. Stood in Waterstones (don’t know if they’re in America but essentially a very large chain in Britain and massively overpriced) absolutely horrified at the new cover. A blank white/grey room with an empty chair. I get the imagery in relation to the book but it was just ugly as sin and I thought ‘Well, I highly doubt anyone younger than 15 is ever gonna pick this up.’ *inward sigh*
    I also struggle to branch out and read out of my comfort. There’s maybe 3 genres I like and I’m stubborn with it ha x.

    • OH GOD MANDY GET OUT OF MY HEAD. I also recently perchased a new copy of 1984 [which happened to have been my favorite book for the longest time!] and they have some really gorgeous cover art for that book these days. My current one has a giant magnified blue iris on the cover. It’s super adorable compared to my last one which was just the title in fancy font – not even cool typography font.
      It doesn’t hurt to stick with what you love! I’m definitely guilty of that as well, just sticking to what I know I’m guaranteed to enjoy. I find that I’ve branched out easier into different genres by reading blogs…because there are things like flash fiction or short stories by different authors that are quick reads and I kind of get exposed to the whatever subject matter they happen to be covering. Which is usually something I’m not used to!

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  10. The engineer in me is forcing me to say, that has to be one of the WORST logic diagrams I have ever seen! So much ill logic.
    Loving the blog though, there’s way more posts than I originally though which is great :)!

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