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The bloody Flu


So yesterday I got my flu shot! For free! Thanks to an on-campus health promotion event, sponsored by numerous university departments.

My hair frizzes as my immune system decides to get off its ass and start making antibodies! Yay!

In celebration, I played “Flu Shot” by Awkwafina when I got home:

I thought I’d take a few seconds now to see how many people have gotten the flu shot for this upcoming season. Don’t raise your hands all at once. I’m well aware that people are beyond thrilled to have needles puncture their skin, it’s like everyone’s favorite thing. It’s right up there with getting punched in the face and someone stepping on your shoe while you’re walking.

Which reminds me, I used to be deathly afraid of needles when I was younger. I’ll go ahead and include blood as well. I’m not sure where I developed this fear, because I never saw any major trauma happen in my life or to those around me. I mean, besides a really bad knee injury, I was never really around exposed bleeding. I can only assume that my fear – and let’s be real here, it was more of a phobia – for needles and blood came from movies, television or horror books. I went through a period of time when I would read nothing but horror books. It started innocently enough with the Goosebumps series, but then I got curious in the library about the other titles in the horror genre. I discovered Steven King, and that was a huge mistake with regards to my sleeping habits. Television was no better, seeing the news and the terrible atrocities occurring world wide would leave images of injured victims burned in my mind. But nothing beats movies. I never quite understood why my parents were so quick to shield us from the sexual scenes in movies we would watch together as a family, but there was no problem with me watching a man’s head get ripped off or explode. Gore was something that was common place in movies, so it was hard for me to watch without squealing and squirming at the sight of the fake corn syrup blood.

This duel dagger wielding douche bag injection needle is how I used to picture what happens when I got a shot – my innards would spurt out.

My phobia for blood and needles actually ended up dictating my career choices. Regardless of how much I wanted to be in healthcare, specifically to help people, I ended up choosing a major that stayed away from sharp objects and serous bodily fluids. It wasn’t until my senior year of my first bachelor’s degree that I would discover that needles and blood didn’t actually have the panic-attack effect on me like I thought they did. I signed up for an elective credit course called Introduction to Pre-professional studies, and through that course I was able to shadow several healthcare professionals. Several of whom were surgeons.

I remember very vividly the surgical technician asking me if I had ever seen a surgery before, to which I responded no. She took a few steps closer and looked me in the eye to let me know that if I were to feel nauseous or lightheaded that I should step out of the room. My God, I can faint witnessing this? What am I about to see??? So as much anxiety as I had for the moments leading up to the first cut of flesh, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it did not make me want to pass out. I had never seen so much blood in my life. But I was still standing on two feet, eagerly listening to the surgeon as he explained everything he was doing. Could it be that I didn’t mind the blood at all?

I realize that reading this may make me sound like some sociopath killer, OMG BLOOD IS SO COOL – that’s not what I’m saying here. I’m saying that I lived my entire life fearing something that I never really understood, and when I encountered it in a learning environment, I was intrigued and not at all afraid.

I could crush it with my powerful giant foot – but I choose to be merciful and allow the needle to prod me in the tradition of its people. That’s what nice guys do. So olive branch the shit out of the next injection you get, it keeps the peace.

Needles are no different. Have you ever measured a needle? Seriously, like they’re not that big. Less than two inches. Honestly…how are we afraid of that? Getting an injection is no worse than getting a paper-cut. Actually, paper-cuts suck more because they leave you with that stinging feeling. You know the one, like, fresh acid. The needle is in and out in a matter of seconds. Sometimes your arm, or whatever body part you had injected, may begin to feel sore…but I mean, at that point its not really the needle’s fault is it.

I’m not sure where I was going with this post. So I’ll end it.


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14 thoughts on “The bloody Flu

  1. Well, I didn’t get mine yet, I need to though, I hate needles, so I tend to put it off as long as possible, very pretty picture of you, who knew a flu shot could make one look so beautiful, great story too!

    • Well I hope you can get past your needle fear, like I did. It takes time though.
      Thanks Annmarie, I guess I’ll leave that up there, I don’t know if the flu shot made me beautiful – but it is helping me build immunities! Which I guess I look better when I’m sick than when I’m not sick…so maybe you’re right.

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  4. What I was trying to say, is that you make getting a flu shot look so beautiful, you are a gorgeous girl period!!!!!

  5. I missed the free flu shots that my school was doing because they don’t really publicize it that well :< but I got one last year…

    • Nooo! Will they be doing a repeat event?
      I’m not sure how your campus is with shots, but mines offers them at pretty decent rates as well [had I not gotten mine for free]; you should check it out :3
      Do you guys have a health fair or a health promotion event? I know FAU used to. And now I see that the one I’m at now does it too.

  6. In the Netherlands we don’t really get flu shots. Only babies and old people get them. I mean you can get them at your doctor if you really want, one of my friends does it because his dad is a doctor, but most people do not.

    Vaccins here are only used when something really dangerous is spreading somewhere. That and general shots for stuffs when you are a kid, like polio and measles etc.

    Fine by me, because I am not a fan of needles. Although to be fair the last few encounters I had with them actually weren’t that bad at all. Maybe it’s more the fear from how I remember shots being. For whatever reason they always hurt a lot when I was a kid, maybe it was psychalogical :O

    • I love babies and old people! I guess that’s why they’re being protected from the flu. Aren’t you into old people svemmy? Pretty sure you are. Pretty sure you should get the flu shot.
      I think its important to arm yourself against any hazards if you have the available resources, not just the deadly ones.
      Do you know why the last few encounters you had with needles weren’t bad? Its because needles are tiny!!! And the hype behind them makes no sense when you think about it. It sounds like a fear that you developed at an earlier age, as you are saying, but the beauty of psychological stressors is that you can condition yourself to become un-afraid of them! It all starts with changing those neurons and attitudes. YA FEEL?


  7. I am all for the Flu Shot and living in the UK with a heart defect means I get it for free but something bad happened… I got it last Wednesday, by Saturday I was in hospital and I’ve been stuck at home for a week in pain, fever, D&V, exhaustion. Me no understand. Love needles though, in fact every time I have blood taken I kind of like watching, apart from when it’s vials and vials. Then I’m like, “Hey! That’s mine! Give it back.”

    Love this blog btw. The cartoons are awesome. When I have a bit more energy I will put some of mine up too.

    • D: Aw, sorry to hear. I also don’t understand how that happened, but I hope you get better. Its great to hear someone who isn’t afraid of needles!
      Thanks kindly, I hope to see your cartoon doodles soon!

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