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Que and Aye


When you’re in trouble you call Dee Dublahyouuu!! Darrrk wiing duuuck – LETS. GET. DANGEROUS!!!

So that was in my head. Glad I got that out of my system.

I took my brother to IKEA today, he had never been before, so I was more than excited to introduce him to the affordable world of the Swedes. GLORIOUS. OMG and they had a Christmas decorating section up, I love exploring new things at IKEA. It’s the fucking best.

Anyway, enough about my day, how was yours?

Cool story bretherns.

My homegirl, Map of Jo, is curious about the oooold Super Saiyan M. Can’t say that I blame her, I am so God damn mysterious. Like a bat in the night. I’m not sure that’s an appropriate representation of mystery. Whatever, its Saturday, no one can judge me. She wants me to answer some questions, with regards to the Leibster Award;  so I’m going to ANSWER SOME QUESTIONS.

Here we go.

1. What is the one question you would hate to be asked? Now answer it!

  • Question: Oh wow, you’re still in school? How much longer until you graduate?

2. You are throwing a Halloween dinner party. Satan has granted you the gift of inviting 3 people, dead or alive, you would love to spend an evening with. Base you answer on the likelihood you have NEVER had any time with the people you choose. (Eg. Famous writers/ actors/ public figures etc) …

  • First of all, this is an amazing question. You are automatically my favorite person for coming up with it. Seriously. If you haven’t checked out Map of Jo’s blog – go do that now. This question is the shit.
  • (1) Albert Einstein – Dead, theoretical badass.
  • (2) Florence Nightingale – Dead, compassionate badass.
  • (3) Louis C.K. – Living, actor/writer/badass comedian.
  • If they all came dressed up in Halloween costumes, that would be icing on the cake.

3. What is the WORST job you have ever had?

  • Tough one….okay so its a tie. I was going to say Gamestop, but you know what, I really enjoyed my coworkers and boss. It’s more the fact that I hated to all hell working in Retail. Because the CUSTOMERS were total dicks. So Gamestop customer service ties with being a Resident Assistant. Those who don’t know what a Resident Assistant is, let me break it down for you. You work for a university’s student housing facility (dorm building) and are assigned a floor of students (40 in my case), and are in charge of the safety and entertainment of these students. The reason this was terrible requires you to use your imagination. Ponder for a moment the idea of having to oversee forty angsty, inconsiderate, immature college freshman…okay stop. I’ve made my case. “Drama bomb shit storm” I think is the technical term.

4. I want to know what you believe is the best way to tell if someone is telling you a lie?

  • So, it has been my experience, that liars smile. I don’t know if this holds true for everyone, but that’s just what I’ve noticed. I watched Lie to Me, a television show about “deception” professionals, and I know that I would fail like all of the tests that they do on people to see if they’re lying…and I would be telling the truth. So if there is any kind of scientific backing to that show, then my life is a lie.

5. Look deep inside, listen to your inner beast, what is your spirit animal?

  • My spirit animal is a girl I met at a bar in Miami called Wood Tavern. She’s a freelance artist and part-time Starbucks employee. We are basically the same person, except she smokes weed…and is my spirit animal. I think she was Dominican. I love meeting new people at random bars, lol.

6. Describe your personality in as many words as the number of letters in your first name…

  • What. Okay, slow down there, this requires a few things… how many letters are in my name. Uh. Hold on. I’m busting out the fingers. If I’m doing my blog name, do I just stop at “Super” or would my full first name be “Super Saiyan”? This is just confusing me.
  • I’m going to do a Haiku instead:

A majestic steed

Lazy and irreverant


7. Your opinion on the most underrated, in your mind, movie of all time?

  • FFFFFFFFF, I have a list. Okay, most underrated OF ALL TIME. I’d have to say TiMER. That shit is like in my top ten movies of all time and I don’t even think it had a nation wide theatrical release. Such a shame. I love it to death.  Just don’t watch the trailer…cause it doesn’t do it any justice.

8. If you could relate your characteristics to a Pokemon, from the original 150, which one would you be?Original 150 with pictures link

  • First of all, thank you for asking this question specifically about the first 150, because in my old age, I haven’t kept up with those shiny, new, fancy pokemayns. I am Snorlax. I like to sit around and take naps. I’m not a try-hard. I like flutes. I also think he looks kind of like a bear…and I am a bear. So we’re basically the same person.

9. If your legacy was based on which book you recommended reading, to everyone you know, what book would you suggest I read?

  • FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, just one? Damn. My legacy…I’m going to go with the obscure, but hilarious, “The Werewolf’s Guide to Life.” I think my legacy would be pretty legit if people thought I was using it for personal reference.

10. Tell me where is your favourite place in the whole wide world? And WHY?

  • You put a “u” in favorite :3
  • The place that I favor most in the world is…wherever my girlfriends are hanging out. <3 I’m more attached to them than to any exotic location.

I think I’m still on my IKEA high…I’m gonna go watch a movie and take my excitement down a notch.


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24 thoughts on “Que and Aye

  1. I’ve asked Kim over and over about you working as an RA. The reason being that I don’t know how anybody could have the patience. I can barely co-exist with some of these people much less try to moderate them at any level. http://i.imgur.com/7HidmM0.jpg

    • LOL!!! It takes a whole lot of patience man. I think RAs who have to oversee older students have an easier time cause people chill/level out with age. Its the youngins who drive you fucking crazy. I think the bad part of it is that you live where you work. So if there’s drama with your residential team, then you have drama. If there’s drama with your residents, then you have drama. So you have drama with basically a bunch of people you see on a daily basis. Its stressful. And being available at all hours of the day literally means being available at all hours of the day. It was a lot of work, but I’ve heard of other universities where the RAs do very minimal work. So I guess it also depends on where you go to school.

      That being said, I did make a lot of good friends who suffered as I did, lol. One of whom I catch up with frequently cause she goes to my university now as well :)

      • Hahaha the RAs here at my school (at least here in the University Apartments) don’t do shiiiiiii-
        They don’t even have a board to decorate. I think the only thing they do is hold events… if they do other stuff then I’m not aware of it :o

        • Q___Q Clearly I went to the wrong university. I loved the decorating part of my job <3
          Events we did as well, that's the entertainment aspect…but we had to go door to door, post flyers, like we really needed to advertise for our events.

  2. sooo you’re still in school?

  3. Lol! Great answers :)
    I put a ‘u’ in favourite as that is the non American, English way to spell the word :)

    Cheers again for answering them :)

  4. Love your answers! Definitely agree and relate with #1. Questions like that are the worst! In fact, I agree with all your answers. Haha, love the Snorlax answer too! And so glad that was kept to the originals, because like you, I have been left behind by the new fancy pokemon mob.

    • Thanks EJ, glad someone else hates that question too…
      Snorlax is the best me I could choose. Map of Jo gets all the credit for keepin’ it 150 with the pokemon. She’s a genius question maker!

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