I'm just Super Saiyan

No one tells me anything, just saiyan…

There can only be one.


When I made this blog, I did it out of boredom and because I thought it would be fun. Surprise, surprise, all of that jazz is true. But do you know what happens when I don’t take things seriously at first? I name things after cartoons.

So here I am, enjoying the blogosphere, as a Super Saiyan.

Normally, I think this is the kind of name people dream of. To be super saiyans, I mean. But in my case, I don’t want my entire theme to be based on one of my cartoon loves. I have a lot of cartoon loves. And I have commitment issues. So sticking to something that only has context with one thing has started to really bother me. No matter how awesome the pun is.

That brings me to now, where I have made the decision to try and create a more generalized blog name. This is no easy task. I had to prepare myself for this, and brace myself against the harsh winds of treacherous creativity. Leap onto the great rock of change and assert my dominance. The destiny of this blog awaits my decision, I plan to take this feat full on.

I guess I’ve never drawn myself with glasses, but I do have them, they’re blue.

The problem with getting into the blogging game now, in 2013, is that people have already selected all the cool names. They had years and years to brainstorm and call dibs on high-quality verbiage. So, they had the advantage. I have to come up with something even MORE creative than those who came before me. Since I’m clearly not the best at naming things, I decided to ask my more creative friends for suggestions. But their suggestions were more on the inappropriate side. I think I talked the most about this to Naty Cakes, where we devised a list of possibilities; yet none immediately grabbed me as “the one”. Throughout our brainstorming session, there was one word that kept popping up…

This conversation actually took place. I love Naty Cakes <3

As cute as the word poop is, I will not be incorporating it into my blog name. So I guess that limits the pool of possibilities.

I went over a few options some more…and decided that I was undecided. There just didn’t seem to be one that jumped off the page at me. Naty Cakes told me sleep on it, marinate in it, meditate about it and that eventually the right name would come to me.

But I am impatient, and when I think of marinating in things I get hungry.

So after I ate, I had to face the truth…This name dilemma was not getting any closer to a resolution.

I kinda got discouraged that I would even be able to find a name that adequately described me and my blog of randomness. I pondered how the greats did it. How did George Orwell come up with 1984 or Animal Farm? How did Kurt Vonnegut conjure up Slaughterhouse Five? Hell, Steven King just came out with Doctor Sleep – which sounds DOCTOR AWESOME! How did Chuck Palahniuk come up with Fight Club or Lullaby or Choke or Invisible Monsters – damn it, Palahniuk came up with some bad ass titles. I need whatever creative juices he’s drinking…

No one beats George R. R. Martin – A Song of Ice and Fire, how epic is that? Oh, wait for it: Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Dance with Dragons, A Storm of Swords!!! (Thank you Kim)

Of course, those are all far more serious in tone than my blog.

Maybe my inspiration should be more lax.  Like Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard’s Sh*t Girls Say or Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s  Guide to the Galaxy – I like that title. Even better, John Dies at the End – what a bad ass title, pure genius on the part of Jason Pargin.

Or maybe blogs shouldn’t be named like books. I mean some blogs are like books, they stick to one subject or genre. Others are all over the place. Exhibit A, my blog.

Marry, of Viver Para Contar, wrote a great post about what her blog name means and how personal it is.  Why can’t I have that? Why can’t my blog name be all cool and symbolic?

Therefore, as a last ditch effort to kick start my brainstorming, I am going to just list a bunch of words that I like.

  • Robots.
  • Alien robots.
  • Super Heroes.
  • Comedy
  • Dinosaurs
  • Food
  • Squats
  • MS Paint
  • Medicine
  • Museums
  • Art
  • Gymnastics
  • Guild
  • War(s)
  • Space
  • Galaxies
  • Bears
  • Sharks
  • Radiohead

So…that list looks like the the tumblr of a 16 year old hipster in 2008. FUCK. WHY AM I SO BAD AT THIS?

I hate everything.

Maybe I’ll have better luck with adjectives.



Author: imsupersaiyan

Blogging is hard. I'm just sayian.

59 thoughts on “There can only be one.

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  2. So cute!! And adorable!!! And true………………….

  3. Hello my friend/sister, here is a link to the coolest site ever, it is a free blog name generator, you put in a couple of key words, names you might want in your blog, and they will generate different names for you, don’t like the first batch they picked? hit spin and they keep picking tons more, this is the greatest site ever!! Love you!! here is the link!!! http://www.spinxo.com/ I hope this will help you! : )

    • SWEET MOTHER OF WILD FLOWERS, this is inspiration in the greatest of forms!!!!!!!! ANNMARIE WHY ARE YOU SO COOL????

      • Ha, Ha, Ha, You are so funny girl, You know you are my sis, and I loves ya! The site I gave you is a blast, and mostly the names they make are unique, so they are not taken, go nuts and have fun with it, I can’t wait to see what you come up with! have a great day! Love!! Annie xoxox

        • LOL I’ve been trying so many different things, they’re all far too silly though. I have written down some words I enjoyed though. I’m so excited, thank you for sharing this with me!!!! I LAH YEW TOO!

  4. Naming things IS hard. I can’t stand the pressure. I broke out into a sweat just having to name my NHL fantasy team. It’s scary! And a blog name has to perfectly reflect you and your blog. No easy feat. I don’t envy your having to decide. Good luck with it!

    Just go with whatever’s ‘you’. #ComedyGuild has more of a MODERN hipster ring to it. But then the bar is raised! Folks are going to expect that comedy.
    And if you tweet, you’ll end up with ##ComedyGuild and the interwebz will implode from double hashtag.

    • I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THE NHL HAD A FANTASY LEAGUE, I learn something new every day.
      I don’t know if its because I’m just terrible at naming things or if I can’t honestly come up with something…

      I do enjoy the word guild, but comedy guild sounds like an improv class – which I guess is pretty hipster. But I don’t know how hipster I am :C

      Also I don’t have twitter, but if I did, yer so right – that looks like a legit hash-tag.

      • Haha, it seems like everything has a fantasy league. Don’t fear, it’ll come to you! You’re just waiting on inspiration. There’s a perfect blog name out there for you!

        It does sound a bit improv-class-ish. You’re probably right, that’s far too hipster. Maybe kill the hashtag. But incorporating guild could work somehow. Eh, I don’t know. I’m far worse at this than you I’d say. I should certainly not be offering advice!

        • Pewp. I just wish it would show up already. I get so impatiennnnt!

          I welcome all advice, regardless of personal opinions! Your blog name is cool, why not tell me how you came up with that???

          • Yeah I can understand that. I barely remember how I worked mine out. I think it took me hours. I was determined. It was basically my task for the day. I don’t remember doing much else until I’d figured it out. I knew I wanted it to be about nothing specific, and I’ve always loved the word “eclectic” so I wanted to incorporate that. It seems to fit me. Then I tried to think of another word that’d fit me and what the blog was about (light-hearded nothing and everything). Eventually it just came to me. You’ll get the same. It’ll come! And it shall be a revelation!

            • Aw, I like a lot of words – more complex words even. But its hard to pick a fancy word cause my blog is not fancy. It looks like you’ve lucked out. I hope the idea of my new name hits me like a bus. I’m starting to think it will never happen!

              • Mine’s not fancy! Haha, not even close. Not that those words are real fancy, but they sound more involved than my posts ever are. You may get away with it. What’s a favourite word that suits your style or personality? I’d go with something kind of fun and playful, ’cause that’s how I see your blog.
                Even grab a thesaurus and transform your fancy word! It’s not cheating… I think.

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  7. Marinating in ideas- haha I love it! : D

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  9. My cat comes up with all my stuff, but she lets me put my name to it…

  10. LOL to Naty’s recommended blog name. I actually laughed out loud in my office.

    Anyway, after changing blog name, I think you still deal with other names too such as name of your blog posts. I always try to think of which name should I use for my updated blog posts. I wanna sound cool but always come up with ordinary one. :)

  11. A song of Ice and Poop, Poop farm, The hitchhiker’s guide to poop, Poop Club, Doctor Poop. This has provided me with much entertainment. *cough* A Storm of Swords *cough*

  12. I still like the poop one. Poopnuggets. Puup works too in case Poop has already been taken. But you know how much I suck at naming stuff, you’re the one who named my blog!

    (I still really like The Michi Zone)

  13. But I like your blog’s name ! :( :(

  14. Might as well throw my suggestion in as a name:


      also that is super cute suggestion porattles :3

  15. You’re talking my scenario in this post. While starting my blog,i typed ‘Superwoman me’ in there,guess what they said ‘already exists’. I was like what the hell man. After 30 minutes of typing all sorts of cool names for my blog,i finally got a name that didn’t exist. Finally! But I’m unsatisfied with the name I’ve put :(
    Anyway,Just relax,calm down and I’m sure you’ll come up with the coolest name :)

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