I'm just Super Saiyan

No one tells me anything, just saiyan…

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I’m basically Sports Bra Superman

So, I started insanity a few days ago, but have since taken a small hiatus from it related to accidentally sleeping in, hanging out with people and my online nursing class homework. I have every intention of starting it tomorrow, I just need the ability to play the files in my living room…

But you know how superman has to like live his life wearing his super hero costume under his buisness-y work clothes? That’s how I feel, cause ever since I bought two new sports bras, I haven’t stopped wearing them.  I mean, theoretically, I could – at any moment – decide to become super insane and do some insanity. So, better wear that sports bra. You know, safety first. Even though you do burn 84 calories sitting…and internet surfing, I feel like that amount is not enough to constitute the use of a sports bra.

Yesterday I went shopping with Super Saiyan S because she has since decided that nude heels are way better with the bridesmaid dresses than silver flats. After trying stuff on, she was right, but that’s not the reason I’m bringing this up. I may…have…become severely depressed from looking at myself in a stupid dressing room mirror.  I was super disappointed when I looked very un-athletic with my contraindicating sports bra on.  Somehow my super man sports bra maneuver wasn’t creating the illusion of fitness like I thought it would. Lying to yourself is hard sometimes. So, for sure, FOR SURE, I am going to do insanity tomorrow. No excuses. If that shit doesn’t go down, I have to remove the sports bras from my wardrobe. Ultimatums are super healthy, amirite? I know I don’t have to mindception myself that hard though, cause sports bras are super comfy and as much as I enjoy being a blob, I enjoy comfy things far more.