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De-junk-ification: Part 1

I was reading a few of the Clean House posts, and it reminded me of my own junk…

Those who know me know of my mess. I never consciously go out and try to make a mess, it just kind of piles up that way. Over time. Without me realizing. Also I get lazy.

Let me explain myself.

Over the years I have acquired an impressive mountain of stuff, often times I forget that I have this mountain…especially when I see cute things on sale or clearance. Then I get home and I see there was no space for anything before my purchase…so now I guess all that’s left to do is pile my new belongings on top of my old belongings. Perfect. If clothing piles were a competitive sport, I don’t even think it would be fair for me to compete…I’d just win by default. Now, I’ve seen what hoarder rooms look like. I’d like to take this moment to say that my room is not on that level. I assure you that there are no living creatures or new organisms residing in my room piles. I think it becomes too much though when I can’t find my things.

You see, I may be disorganized in my room, but I know where my stuff is…like…85% of the time. There is organization in my disorganization. I know that people who are neat freaks are just kind of judging me right now, and that’s cool. I get it. I understand your point of view, I’m a huge slobby mcslobberson. But I mean, I always end up being too busy to clean. Something always comes up – things are due, there are places to be, people to meet. I mean, I’m not going to defend all of my actions. I’ve said “no” to cleaning my room on more than one occasion to play a video game or watch Netflix instead. Eventually I just become very apathetic towards the poor thing. It’s not until I take a moment to really reflect on all my crap that I get this random burst of energy to clean it all. I have the best intentions, I WANT to finish the entire room. But after about an hour of digging through one corner of my room, I become super overwhelmed with all of my crap.


On more than one occasion I have attempted to clean my room by the transfer-dumping method. The transfer dumping method is something I just made up to describe how I will clean one corner of my room by stuffing the things I removed into another corner of my room. A transfer, of junk. Then I wonder why or how a giant pile of clothing could fall on my head. Eventually it just turns into a huge game of room-jenga…and I’m the one who has to clean up – regardless of which junk piles falls first.

Recently, I’ve taken to laying on my bedroom floor. Prior to recent incidences in my life, I only did this to calm my anxiety. I’m not sure if other people lay on their floors to calm their anxiety…but I don’t fucking care, that’s what I do. YOU DON’T KNOW ME. YOU DON’T KNOW MY LIFE.

Anyway, so basically, the little space that there was for walking, I sort of filled with comforters and pillows.

I was sleeping on the floor

This system worked for a while, until my room suddenly required a more permanent sleeping arrangement…

I needed a bed. Problem was, there was no room for a bed. There was no room for anything, really. So things needed to change. I went onto youtube and binged on videos that showed ways to tidy up rooms / clean up clutters / redesign spaces. Basically, I went out looking for inspiration. I got some, but nothing could have really inspired me like my trip to IKEA.

IKEA is the answer to all of my junky problems. IKEA’s floor rooms look hella classy, save on space and look like grown up shit. I instantly thought to myself, “Hey man, I’m adult-ish, I should be able to do that too!” Being broke really limited the amount of organizational products I could bring home… But on my budget I was able to splurge on a sweet IKEA dresser (from the children’s section…), as well as some boxes to better contain my crap – and make it look neater.  So I came home with this insane amount of confidence that things were going to change.

And change it did. I rediscovered the art of throwing crap away (a long lost concept that I had forsaken in the name of keepsakes). You see, I’m huge on pictures, post cards, letters, etc. I love that stuff. It fuels my happy feels. So I have a tendency to keep EVERYTHING. Then my brother reminded me that although all of the things in my room were linked to certain memories, they weren’t really keepsakes. For example, my physics books. What am I doing with those? Nothing, they’re just chillin and taking up space. I don’t plan on taking physics again any time soon and honestly, I’d probably just look up information on the internet anyway. This effect of throwing junk away that I no longer needed, with minimal nostalgia potential, caught on like a wild fire. Eventually I filled up a couple of bags worth of stuff. JUST ENOUGH to move in mattress (shout out to my homegirl who let me have it). So now, my room is more like this:

My computer chair can’t move…

Granted, there’s even less space in my room now, and my walls look like I’m playing a serious game of Tetris, but I can sleep there. And that’s what’s important.

My new goal is to keep everything (my junk) at a manageable level so that I don’t over-flood the place with crap again. We shall see.