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Videya Gaimes

So I saw this funny Skyrim video involving a snow bear…who is out of control!

And I was reminded that Elder Scrolls Online is a thing…and I forgot about it existing.  I had been keeping up with the ESO happenings by listening to the RatzCast, but due to my summer activities I have since fallen off the bandwagon.

Which brings me to Final Fantasy XIV Online, which a couple of my friends have really delved into. As much as I enjoyed playing the lil’ bit that I did (thanks to Kaufman), I don’t really do pay-monthly MMOs. And I keep hearing that the US servers have been having some troubles as of late. So, yeah.

I caught up with some of my Wisconsin family and LOD peeps, seems like a couple still play Guild Wars 2 and a couple definitely do not.  I logged in the other day, the patch alone was massive, and when I finally logged in no one was online.  Immediate boredom :C – so much personal heartbreak surrounding how over this game I am.  Especially when Kiam told me she was interested in it…but maybe I can pick it up again with her?


It really just makes me upset with how gaming, in general, has really lost its appeal for me as a hobby.  I’m not 100% sure what happened. Am I too old to play videogames? That’s not a thing, right? That’s not a thing. That’s impossible.

The other day I was cleaning up my desktop and rediscovered my screen shot folder from the original Guild Wars.  I’m not sure how one game, without the flashy graphics, was able to keep my attention for six years.  I really miss that game.  For the hell of it I logged in and it was a fucking ghost town.  I remember when that shit had so many people there were multiple districts.  Nostalgia for miles, bro… it hit me hard right in the feels.

So I ended up going on a complete nostalgia binge, thanks internet. It was brought to my attention that there’s a dude that makes fucking amazing game-related swords from scratch on youtube; its called Man of Arms! I swear, no one tells me anything.  So this is me, informing you, if you didn’t already know. I gat chu bro: