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So some bros in Pittsburgh who fiddle with technology for Disney Research came up with this particular “Ishin-Den-Shin” technology that takes recorded audio, converts it into a signal that you can’t hear, then transfers that signal through the human who held this special recorder so that they are now a human speaker. Holy shit.

The example that they’ve been illustrating with this is the finger-to-ear one where just by pointing your finger, after having been exposed to the audio signal, you can replay the audio to another person who hears exactly what had been recorded. It’s like E.T., if E.T. wanted to share the billboard top 100 with you instead of healing your wound. What I’m trying to say, is that its magic. This is some kind of Harry Potter wizarding sorcery. If I don’t have this done to myself, personally, its so hard for me to imagine what this would even be like. BUT ITS SO FUCKING CRAZY EXCITING!

But if you are Disney, then you don’t stop here, of course. You want more.

Such as the still developing Aireal tactile air device! So in this case, researches are using puffs of air to convey a sense of realism. The air puffs happen at different speeds to provide maximal air-real-ism-ish-ness. This is all done without any additional devices, such as gloves or vests.

More magical wizardness. Well Disney, keep this shit coming, its fantastic! :3