I'm just Super Saiyan

No one tells me anything, just saiyan…


Le Kiam

My beautiful friend Kiam is just as complex as any other human being. She is super cool and super funny. She is also my longest time friend, wait, longest time sounds weird… of all my close friends I have known her the longest. Aw yeah, grammar high five.

Unfortunately as of late, when I talk to Kiam, it usually looks like this:

But there was a time, years ago, when I had my shit more together! Hopfully Kiam remembers those times too, lol.

Que dream sequence.  …………

So Kiam and I met through the internet. It was back a million years ago before smart phones existed, and facebook somehow was a new thing. We were starting the same year, going to be going to the same college, and we both knew absolutely no one. We met in an elevator on campus because it turned out that she shared the same dorm building. Not long after meeting Kiam, I decided to spend 100% of my time with her.

After leaving that college, we both ended up transferring to another one, and though our college woes would continue, we both remained best buds. She invited me to go to a Hair Show [which is like a hair stylist, make up artist and spa-related convention) annually, which I enjoyed thoroughly. Kiam has changed her hair style over the years, because she is stylish. [Sry Kiam I am really bad at drawing super short hair cuts…]

But one thing remains the same, and those are her spirit animals.

Kiam was officially the first friend I met after befriending online, and it is so weird to think of her this way, since I’ve known her for 8 years [holy shit we are old as fuck].

I love you Kiam, with all of my bear heart.