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I’m naming the man in my head Frank.

So, if you haven’t watched Apollo Robin’s TEDTalk, then the title of this post means nothing to you. I suggest you watch it, I have made it super easy and available for you down below, so you have no excuses!

Robins is the founder of Whizmob Incorporated, which is a company that educates military and law enforcement in fraud and scam tactics. The real kicker of his company is that it does include a bunch of “criminals” who have since decided to change sides and use their knowledge for good!  You can’t make that up man. Robins himself is a pickpocket, and shows off these skills numerous times, but the core of his work surrounds manipulation. Manipulation in this particular case is misdirecting people’s attention.

This all immediately reminded me of Darren Brown. For those who may not know Brown, he is a pretty well known British…uh, I want to say trickster? But that may be downplaying his work. Brown has done numerous television specials on the topic of misdirection, illusions and “mentalism”.  It’s easier for me to show you rather than continue explaining.  Below are some clips.

If you have some time, there’s a great special he did called Darren Brown’s “The System”, its about 47 minutes so it is a bit lengthy. But, if you have some time, you should watch it.