I'm just Super Saiyan

No one tells me anything, just saiyan…

The Blog Infomercial


Hey there folks,

Are you tired of going through the internet and seeing well-written, grammatically correct blogs that inspire you to live your life to the fullest?

Are you tired of scrolling down the list of websites that you know put out meaningful content everyday?

On the slight chance that you are tired of that stuff, we have just the thing for you!

It’s called the I’m Just Super Saiyan blog!

It’s a blog that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense and throws random pictures at you in an attempt to keep you so confused that you come back to read more!

I’m Just Super Saiyan is a blog so obscure and sarcastic that you’ll worry that the author is actually a bear-shark. And we’re here to tell you that she really is.

Mild-mannered college student Super Saiyan M, is actually Paprika – the bear-shark.

Paprika wants you to know that she strives to give you blogging content that’s slightly above average, she works in her water cave designing all the artwork using only her two fin-claws.

Paprika is 100% made in America and guaranteed to be make no sense.

Paprika is a terrible cook, hates cleaning, and sleeps the majority of the day!

When you put Paprika in front of a computer and give her food, she’ll share with you her writing secrets. Like, “don’t proof read” and “what’s an Oxford comma?”

If you follow I’m Just Super Saiyan right now, you’ll recieve not 1, not 2 but 3 Paprikas for your home or office!

You can have your very own Paprika sitting next to you and your computer! She’ll take you on a magically procrastination adventure on the internet, guaranteed to last longer than ten minutes.

Got a blog of your own but can’t seem to come up with anything to post? She’ll use fear to motivate you to blog! Blogging has never been easier! If you feed Paprika regularly, you’ll probably even get to keep your fingers so you can keep typing!

Paprika may even let you watch her write a blog post for the I’m Just Super Saiyan blog, if she decides to write that day! 40% of the time, she blogs every time!

But that’s not all!

Follow in the next fifteen minutes and you’ll get a free one of a kind wizard! (Shipping and handling not included, wizard does not possess actual magical powers. Wizards are only available in 7 states, two of which we think are on the fence about it.)

The I’m Just Super Saiyan Blog!

What are you waiting for? Buy Follow now!

(I’m Just Super Saiyan blog is subject to change depending on availability. Multiple Paprika offer is done through cloning methods and is possibly also illegal. Our company claims immunity of fees, fines or legal monetary charges for the following conditions: if a Paprika escapes and terrorizes your community, if Paprika bites your fingers off, if Paprika decides to use your domain as a cat zoo, if Paprika floods your car to create a personal jacuzzi. When ordering a Paprika, you are voluntarily agreeing to helping pay her student loan debt. She is also asking for nightly back scratching sessions and Netflix on demand. Does not work well with children or on group projects.)

(Wizards and bear-sharks are natural enemies, do not place your free wizard and Paprika in the same room, home, or city.)

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Author: imsupersaiyan

Blogging is hard. I'm just sayian.

42 thoughts on “The Blog Infomercial

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  2. Brilliant! As always. Sign me up for a dozen. I could definitely use that “fear to motivate you to blog!” I’m useless at the moment with mine. Thanks for the laugh and keep up the fantastic work! :D

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  4. You’re amazing.. that’s all

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  7. I’m Sold ! :D
    That was fantastic :)

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  11. Yes Yes!! Sign me up, I’ll take 2 paprika’s please, Free wizard you say? Never mind I don’t even care about that, a bear shark, Why yes I am very interested in seeing and hearing from a bear shark, Oh I am hooked!!!! Great post as always , I know you are my sister now, earlier this morning I posted a comment on Domestic diaries, about mistaking cinnamon for PAPRIKA!! How many people even know what that is? it is just craaaazy!!!! Yes you are my twin bear- shark sista!!!! Lovie you!!!


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  18. I’m deeply grateful for your lack of deeper meaning. Really grateful. Sincerely. No shit.

  19. And what fine art work it is. You say you are 100% made in America but what about the materials? I’m not sure what that means but I’ve seen it somewhere on one of my shoes. What a comfortable blog environment!

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  21. i want what you’re smoking.

    • :3 Aw kipp, then you better start getting stressed out. Cause I don’t smoke, I just stress

      • none the less, kudos to your creativity. i would say try to stress less but that would mean lame posts. and you’re not just saiyan, you’re supersaiyan. just saiyan.

        • I’m doing one of those slow claps that ends up inspiring a crowd to clap and then jumping up at the end of it with my fist in the air. That was all for you Kippfu, because you said saiyan three times in one comment. If I were Bettlejuice, you would have been in for some crazy shenanigans.

  22. Ooh, can I call you “Pappy”?

  23. FREE wizard! Sign me up. :D Great post!

  24. I’ve already followed this! but I wanna know more information. If Paprika the bear-shark met Grizzly bear, what would happen?

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  26. did you add pictures to this??? I don’t remember some of these drawings!

  27. Paprika is just what I need to get me going when I think I’m having writing block. I promise I will follow! Just don’t kill me!

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