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No one tells me anything, just saiyan…



So something pretty cool just happened…I just surpassed 100 subscribers!






100 people decided I was cool enough to push the follow button. I feel like I should shake your hands…or play you in a friendly game of dominoes, I don’t know… what is it that people do to show their thanks these days?

I remember my first week of blog posting I got a view from the U.K. and I flipped my shit. I was like “Omg, did you get lost little lamb? Were you trying to find more information about dragon ball z and instead ended up on this sarcastic rambling blog? Or are you Michael Caine, researching a future movie role and seeking inspiration from grammatically incoherent college students?”

Today I took a screen shot of all the flags whose citizens procrastinated to my side of the internet.

Look at all these places! I really need to get to know you guys, cause I’m totally down for couch surfing if you are. I’m in need of a vacation.


So this is me, thanking you, for hanging out with me. OH GOD, I PROMISED MYSELF I WOULDN’T GET THESE FEELS-

I do have to say, its a bit disappointing not knowing all you guys…like I have gotten to know a handful who are frequent commenters (which is cool <3)… but for the most part my audience is a big mystery to me.

THUS I would like to make a suggestion… can we have a quick Q & A?  I mean, just a little something so I can get to know you. Please, answer the following questions below

  1. How did you find me?
  2. What are your hobbies?
  3. Tell me something you learned about blogging.
  4. Do you drive stick shift or automatic?
  5. What’s your pet’s name…wait, do you have a pet? If you don’t have a pet, would you like one?

Cool, I can’t wait to read your answers.

Right about now, you’re probably (or probably not) asking yourself why I like blogging so much.

Well, you see, I have nothing else better to do.

Yeah. For real.

Like, I am taking classes. And when I’m done with the work for those classes…I sit in my room, looking at this computer screen, typing on this keyboard, wandering aimlessly into the vast internet ocean. Like a mighty, ferociously curious and muscular shark. Lots of muscles. I work out.

So, basically, I’m already here…might as well entertain myself.

Here’s a depiction of how my blogging process goes.


Author: imsupersaiyan

Blogging is hard. I'm just sayian.


  1. Congratulations! Also I learned that you can follow peoples today! So I am now officially 1 of your followers C:

  2. You’re a really talented cartoonist. I love the little people. You should seriously consider doing a comics piece in this style if you haven’t already. Many journals are looking for this sort of storytelling right now.

  3. Congratulations, M! I think its the cartoons that set your stuff apart, too. One of your posts is like a Looney Tunes experience and they’re a ton of fun. Good job, you deserve it. Now, onward to one thousand!

  4. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat! Your awesome : )

  5. See my little lamb chop I told you that you are great, even Michael thinks so, Wow things just got real <<<<< I am so happy for you, Now back to this post I love seeing views from different countries, I have gotten Italy, Malaysia ,U.K. I also got 2 hits in India, and many others! Congrats on getting 100 followers, You know I think you are the cats Meow!!! Hee- Hee! xoxoxo Annie

    • I think its crazy that all these countries are able to stumble upon my blog some how. I love the internet man, lol, so cool. Grrrrl, I be meowin on them cats. I don’t even think that’s a thing…or phrase… Thanks Annie <3

  6. i’m going to have fun with this one. you’ll get a pingback soon, and congratulations on going to school.

  7. Uhmmm THANK YOU rest of the people who think SSM is super creative and super talented and SHOULD explore this toons further. Like, seriously, I don’t think you understand how creative and how much imagination you have and how WELL you translate it onto drawing. You don’t understand. Like you really don’t understand; but regardless, you should listen to other people and KEEP GOING AT IT, comics, a store, a book, a graphic novel, a store, a store, or like, a store, or comics. DO IT. You’re SO freaking talented.

    I won’t answer those questions bc you know everything about me. Speaking of which, you need to get on that Skype grr cuz I gotta tell you bout mai dai!

    • O: This sounds like hard work and mostly work and then also like…more work. I don’t know anything about any of that stuff you just mentioned. I know how to open MSPaint :C
      And now I know how to use a tablet, lol, cause you are awesome and gave it to me!
      So, I’ll keep doing these doodles here. lol!
      I know ze answers to those questions grrrrrrl. Cause yer my grrrrrrrrrrrrrrl <3
      I'm on skype right now! I WANNA HEAR ABOUT YER DAIIII

  8. I’ll answer these questions!

    How did you find me?
    You told me about it and then I was like “aww yeah, now I have something else to do online!”

    What are your hobbies?
    Being a beluga on steam and reddit

    Tell me something you learned about blogging.
    I learned that I can’t blog efficiently. It takes me 6 hours to make one mediocre post. x.x’

    Do you drive stick shift or automatic?
    Stick shiiiiift!

    What’s your pet’s name…wait, do you have a pet? If you don’t have a pet, would you like one?
    I don’t have a pet, but if I could, I’d get a tortoise or a bearded dragon :3

  9. Haha congrats– your cartoons are adorable, I love the “excites and feels.” Way to be.

  10. How did you find me?
    What are your hobbies?
    Tell me something you learned about blogging.
    It can be funny.
    Do you drive stick shift or automatic?
    What’s your pet’s name…wait, do you have a pet? If you don’t have a pet, would you like one?

    Keep up the good work!

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  12. To be fair soup, these are the REAL answers.

    How did you find me?
    i believe i found your blavatar in the comments section (which i found amusing) of a writing challenge. i think.

    What are your hobbies?
    i’m a stereotypical hawaiian that loves the water. surfing, diving(for fish), swimming etc. on land it’s either minecraft or battlefield.

    Tell me something you learned about blogging.
    truthfully, i have learned that i am much more creative in my writing than i think i am. writing challenges help a lot as well. for example the ten thoughts from hershel the turtle, i thought to myself, okay a challenge like that is cool but what if i did a top ten from a turtles perspective? yeah, it kind of went downhill from there.

    Do you drive stick shift or automatic?
    all of my vehicles are standard.

    What’s your pet’s name…wait, do you have a pet? If you don’t have a pet, would you like one?
    no current pets but i’m an animal lover, having owned both dogs and cats. also a rabbit, and a three goats named billy, nana and wendy.

  13. Hello lady! I just started following you, and after reading for a while I came across this. I know I’d be super excited to get answers from people, so here are mine for you!

    How did you find me?

    treatmentofvisions (he commented above) is a friend of mine taking a college class with me. I enjoy his blog, and respect his opinion on others. When he posted a link to your site in a post today, I followed after reading the first post. Nice stuff! aaand I’m pretty picky.

    What are your hobbies?

    Coding. I. Love. Coding. and drawing; my blog is an almost-comic website about my daughter… but I’m more into the code. I am obsessed with the X-files. I wanted to make my site more comic-y, but my tablet broke, and now I can only draw, then scan, then color.. which takes too long to do comics on the fly..

    Tell me something you learned about blogging.

    It’s addictive. I’m in a wordpress class in college. I was excited for the coding aspect. I’ve never blogged and wasn’t excited to start. but now- I LOVE IT. and it’s pretty much all I do.

    Do you drive stick shift or automatic?

    I prefer stick, but my boyfriend doesn’t know how to drive stick and refuses to learn, so we got an automatic.

    What’s your pet’s name…wait, do you have a pet? If you don’t have a pet, would you like one?

    I have a baby, and that’s almost like having a pet. A pet human 0.o

    • Hey Zora! I don’t know how I missed your post! Dang notifications…

      Yeah Dylan is a pretty cool cat, I’m glad you found me!
      I wish I could say I love coding…but alas…that is not my calling, lol. I’m really glad you like drawing, drawing brings me a lot of entertainment, so I hope it does for you as well. D: I don’t have a daughter, but I bet I’d blog about her if I did :)
      I FUCKING LOVE THE XFILES!!!!!! This is why we are now friends!!!!!!!!
      Aw, well my tablet was a gift from my best friend, she has a lot more faith in my “art” than I do…lol.
      I also learned that about blogging – hella addictive, wtf!!! They need to put a warning label on that sign up button. Seriously.
      I’m right there with you, I got an automatic myself.
      LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! Somehow I don’t think that’s even close to having a pet…I feel like its double or even tipple the work :)

      • It’s all good! I’ve almost become jaded by the notification button that used to get me so excited… most of it seems to be spam follows. :(
        Somehow, I think a dog is a lot more work than a baby… but maybe that’s because I’m not really a dog person. Or pet person in general. If I’m going to own something against it’s will, it will be my daughter! haha. I can’t wait to use that on her.

  14. Can I answer, can I answer??

    I found your avatar under someone’s post you had liked. You look very honest and sweet so I clicked on the photo to see if your face lies. Well it doesn’t haha.

    My hobbies include: blogging, reading books, reading all kinds of articles and blog, listening to music all the time, kickboxing, being a drama queen, daydreaming and over analyzing.

    You need to have a plan if you want to blog regularly…grr.

    Do you drive stick shift or automatic? – what is that? I drive nothing lol.

    My pet name is Dodo as I am obsessed with the dodo bird, or was..when I was a child. Have two parrots called Hino and Yuffie.

    nice to mee u! :)

    • OH SNAP, good think I’m so honest looking, otherwise you would have never clicked me :) . You’re the first person to tell me that by the way. Makes me that much closer to becoming a real super hero.
      I did your hobbies – I’ve always wanted to try kick boxing! It looks exhilarating!
      Yeah, I have heard that blogging advice floating around the blogosphere…but now that I have a job…things aren’t going all that schedule-ish-ly… lol oh well.
      LMAO! Stick shift means you drive manually in a car, automatic means there are no extra bits to putting your car from park to drive. It’s cool if you don’t drive – you are probably saving crap tons of money :) I’m jelly.
      Awwww, dodo is a cute name. Hino and Yuffie sound like some anime characters I know. Cool picks!

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