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I made a video about the coolness of my tablet! 

It’s really short but I wanted to show you guys why I love it so much – it makes MS Paint drawings faster and the new programs that I plan on using for future doodles are so amazing! (Namely ArtRage) <3

Sorry for sounding like a super giddy little boy, I just haven’t been able to put this tablet down for the past two days.


Yaaaay, a new post featuring drawings from the new programs will happen tomorrow. I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!

Here is a slightly more detailed speed doodle:


Author: imsupersaiyan

Blogging is hard. I'm just sayian.

41 thoughts on “I MADE A VIDEO

  1. O.M.G. I loved the video, but do you know what was even better? hearing your voice, I now know what you sound like and that is so cool, I will have to do it so you can hear mine, and you know what I mean!!! now when you write something to me, I can read it in your voice!!! that was totally awesome! I can’t wait to see the new pictures that tablet looks amazing!!! it must be so nice to use a pen now instead of the mouse, you have more control I would think! Good night my friend, it was so nice to hear you!!! xoxoxo

    • LOL!!! I sound like I’m out of breath – cause I’m still too excited about the damn tablet!
      I can’t wait to show you ze pictures lol! It is a huge step up from the mouse, for sure!
      <3 Niiight!

  2. I like Kim’s cameo as her steam avatar waddled in and left.

  3. Woooow, it’s like now all your drawings will be in HD or some shit. That thing looks amazing. My brother also has one. As much fun as they are to draw though I can’t use them to navigate a computer for shit. Although that’s probably because I am me… Also that red blob looks like a heart with like 12 arteries.

    Dude, your friend is hella nice, such an awesome gift.

  4. you have a sweet voice.

  5. You sound so cute! Consider me in love :)

    Loving the passion you have for your shit. It’s much cool.

    • Thank you, I prefer to sound dangerous or savage…so I’ll work on that.
      This program gives me all the feels, it is the most exciting thing to happen to me since discovering how microwaves work.

      • Obviously cute in a dangerous and savage way. Obviously.

        I could listen to you all day. Cutey ;)

        Ah, the microwave, or ‘y popty ping’ as it’s also known in these parts.

        • Oh, good, I was being savage enough.
          u___u I usually get a lot of shit from people when I’m gaming…because I think the dangerosity of my voice isn’t conveyed very well…also, new word, dangerosity – spread it around.
          Y POPTY PING WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? FOR REAL?????????? Is that an onomatopoeia or like some nickname derived from a long story?

          • Yep, yep, yep. Popty Ping. It’s Welsh for microwave. You should star to use the term.

            Ooh, what gaming are we talking about?

            • This is possibly my new favorite phrase.
              Any gaming that involves voiceIP (teamspeak, ventrillo, skype, mumble, axon, etc)… my voice is not very intimidating it seems.

              • Ah, so not purely the likes of FIFA, the Arkham games, and WWE releases then? That’s pretty much my only gaming these days.

                Make sure to use the phrase daily :)

                • Ooooh man, FIFA a million years ago I played on the PS2 lol, so I guess that’s probably not the one you’re talking about. I played the first Arkham game when I was working in a gaming store, but I didn’t get a chance to finish. D: Annnd I think the only WWE game I played was WWF Royal Rumble on the dreamcast! (omg, how old am I?)

                  Games I play these days are like indie games on steam or guild wars 2 if someone forces me on there…I’m not a big fan of GW2 – however, I was a huuuuuge fan of the first guild wars. It was a big let down. Though, my gaming drive has been rather low these past few months.

                  I just popty pinged myself some left overs just now! FUUUUCK YEAH LOOK AT ME TOSSIN THAT DIALOG LIKE A BOSS.

                  • True dat – like a true boss!

                    I have no idea what Guild Wars is. My only experience with Steam is through the Football Manager series. I do remember an awesome version of Royal Rumble back in the day of the Sega Megadrive/Genesis. Man, that was a great game for the time.

                    And I reckon I’m a tad older than you ;)

                    • Oh man, if only I knew you a few years ago. I would have shown you the whole wide world of Guild Wars. It was the most glorious game.
                      I remember playing a lot of sega games back in the day lol, I really liked mortal combat!

                    • Mortal Kombat was badass! I think my personal favourite game – one of my favourite of all time – was Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker. So much awesome!

  6. Your voice is nice – Yeah, the program Artrage looked amazing – kind of a bit surprised that it has paint stroke.

    Ameba and Pixar :D

  7. I love the new doodle of you, the details are amazing, I made a new page and you are on it, May I use the new doodle as a picture of you with a link back to you? My avatar that you made me is on there too!!! xoxox hugs!!!

    • Which new doodle? You can use whatever! Glad you liked your avatar so much :)

      • Oh Thank you my love, the gorgeous one of you, on your new post ( I made a video) I will link back and show you when I am done, I loved my Avatar so much, I printed it out and I am making a magnet for my fridge!! Hee – Hee!! See I told you people will buy your doodles, I am making a magnet and others will buy your book ( I will too!!), they are so good, You will be a famous Author one day, and I will have my magnet, and when I come to your book signing you can sign it!!! lol Love you lots!!! xoxox Annie

  8. :D! I’m in a video that’s been posted in an awesome blog! ;_; best day ever

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