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There comes a time in every little girls’ life when she looks back at all that she has done and wishes she had played more video games. It’s a tale as old as time.

Gather round boys and girls, its story time yet again. Today’s topic, I’d like to share with you the deep, passionate, fiery romance that I had with possibly the most entertaining game I had ever played in my life; Guild Wars.

I’d like to say, before I begin, that Guild Wars was my first MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game). Before I was introduced to this game I strictly played console games only…if you don’t count the minor computer games that I entertained myself with as a tiny, tiny child. Oh, I also had a run in with the SIMs and Rollercoster Tycoon…so, I guess I had dipped my toes into computer gaming, but not yet dunked my head in.  Guild Wars changed everything.

This is the story of my digital lover.

So the first time I remember hearing the words “Guild Wars” was from the mouth of one of my ex-boyfriends. He had just picked up the title and been immersed in it. A younger, yet still dashing, girl took notice of how he was totally ignoring her (so, apparently this just turned into a third person narration, roll with me). The debonair girl decided to investigate the situation.

Boyfriend at the time was very zoned out, he would only respond to her in short answers and without eye contact. An avid gamer herself, she knew whatever he was playing had to be pretty good. He briefly explained the premise of the game “Guild Wars” and allowed her to view some game play as he shot arrows around Tyria as a Ranger.

She was impressed. Very impressed. The game looked pretty good. Never having played an MMORPG herself she had her boyfriend explain further. However, senior year was wrapping up so she had better things to do than start a weirdo computer game…she had to apply to college.

So once her first year of college began, she became swamped with papers, assignments, and projects. She grew to love living in the smelly old library, but after a few weeks she developed a strained relationship with studying…a relationship whose bonds were quickly weakening.

So one day, when the urge to procrastinate hit her like a sack of bricks to the face, she suddenly had the inkling to try something…

GUILD WARS. No better time, than the procrastinating present, she thought to herself. So long as I don’t have to do mother fucking calculus, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

And so, she opened Guild Wars and decided to log on…

What she quickly discovered was that not only was Guild Wars good…it was exciting and addictive as fuuuuuuuuu

So fast forward to a few hours later…then days…then, I don’t know, take a break woman! It was too late, she had become obsessed with Guild Wars for several weeks.

She knew what she had to do. She got her hands on a copy of Prophecies and the newly released Factions and never looked back.

Guild Wars was pretty damn amazing. It was something new, offered RPG gameplay she had never encountered before and a sweet ass sound track. She loved the shit out of that sound track

Before you knew it, Guild Wars and the girl were inseparable.

It wasn’t long before that the girl’s friends noticed she was being really hermit-ish, always cooped up in her nerd cave for days on end.  Her friends were worried about her obsession. But you see, they didn’t understand. To them, all they saw was this:

But the girl, she saw more. She saw an entertaining, challenging, friendly, good looking…



What was I talking about? Great sons of Neptune… I’d play that game every day too. Damn. This is probably the best personification of all time.

Anyway…so, you can imagine these two were attached at the hip – or mouse, however you want to see it.

She was having the time of her life. But she just couldn’t see that her fond relationship with Guild Wars was, was in reality, more like this:

Even Guild Wars was getting worried…

STACKS ON STACKS ON STACKS – those are Ectos by the way…and I was never actually ever that rich…but this is my retelling, so I can have as many fucking ectos as I want.

She ignored the warnings.

But she was in for a rude awakening. All her time being spent with her beloved game was absorbing  time she would normally spend doing other things… like studying. One day, she got back a test grade…

Welp. That’s what you get, bro.

She knew what she had to do…she had to take a break from Guild Wars.

And go crawling back to her former relationship with studying.

This procrastination/obsession cycle would go on for years, six years to be exact. Every few months she and Guild Wars would reunite.

And there you have it, the story of me and my lover Guild Wars.

Below I’m posting some evidence of the time that I wasted while playing Guild Wars. I say time wasted, but I would have played twice as much in hind sight. The people I would meet and the fun I would have exploring it have yet to be matched by any other gaming title.

I logged in today just to screen cap this…

Tell me folks, does this remind you of one of your own addictions? Perhaps a different game, maybe its a different hobby?

Please tell me I’m not the only one who went through this…

Man, Guild Wars gives me a nostalgia head explosion.


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27 thoughts on “GUILD WARS

  1. soo you’re still in school?

  2. “Such great beauty” : ) Love reading your posts and always love your artwork : ) I was completely sucked into Halo. When I closed my eyes I would see radar dots trying to fall asleep! : P

  3. Amazing post, I like how you and G.W. did every thing together, great analogies I think going on roller blast 3,000 with him was the best! that was the story of me and Pinterest, we were inseparable, she lured me into her devious web with the promise of all things I love, Cooking, crafts, baking, style, if I looked for it my ex lover Pinterest had it, sadly to say, our relationship has come full circle, and has ended as well ,now don’t get me wrong we still date once in a while, but the passion has ended, Yes good old Reality always sets in! I am always in awe by your posts, great job, my dear friend! xoxoxo Annie

  4. I just realized I should of made Pinterest a he, oops my bad, calm down folks I am married, to a man!! ha- Ha !! Typo’s aaargh!!!!

  5. Guild Ward did NOT warn you about playing for 10 hours straight. Tell me this is NOT true.

    Tell me also, that you did NOT get an F because of Guild Wars! Tell me!

  6. This game was awesome. I started playing it around the same time. First I played mostly PvP back when the tombs of the primeval kings was still around, I also played quite a bit of GvG. Then after a long break I picked it up again in Heroes Ascent, although I also started getting into speedclearing back then with the permaform sins, damn that shit was cool. Then after yet another long break I started playing again after I moved to my current university. PvP was mostly dead then so I started speedclearing again, and got really into it. My favourite area is probably still DoA, although underworld in the perma days was pretty awesome as well. I actually still hold the current records for Urgoz and backwards trench. How nerdy is that. Get at me breh! (you didn’t really think I was gonna let you post about GW and not mention that right? right? Also it still feels good to have them stacks on stacks on stacks. To bad noone even wants em anymore…they used to go for about 25 dollar a stack even at the end of GW) I never figured out how to solo all of DoA though, sadly. I got gloom, veil and city down. But I never managed to solo Foundry. Maybe I will still do that some day, since that doesn’t require any extra people, with Guild Wars being dead and all.

    Mostly though I liked hanging out with all the peoples I met there. I’ve met people from all over the world playing this game. Some of whom I actually met in real life! This post gives me such nostalgia, I immediately had to go look at all the old videos of us doing speedclears. Sadly though I don’t have anything left over from the earlier days of GW.

    • Yeah, I wish I had started with PvP because it was basically dead when I decided to get into it. Unless you count AB as PvP, cause I did do a good bit of that…but HA I got into far too late…when there wasn’t even a primeval kings lollll
      Speedclearing guilds have egos that I did not care to compete with o________o
      Also you are king of the nerds. Not even mad.

      People made the game, for sure. It was entertaining but when you added the guild wars community, omg. I loved it.
      :D I’m one of the people you met! Cause I’m cool.

  7. I’m like this but it doesn’t last for 6 years… maybe a few weeks/months
    Like these stupid cards. Sometimes I have these stressful dreams that I accidentally sold my foil card at regular card price. Or that Valve scanned my computer and realized that I was trying to make profit off cards and they banned my account. I’d wake up all sweaty and shaking and reassuring myself that my games were all happy and safe and no, I didn’t sell my foil for supercheap, I sold it at a good price and got an awesome return.


    • D: oh nooooo! sounds like maybe its time to take a break :C
      Kim, you remember the time I told you about how I was walking to class after staying up the whole night playing eye of the north cause it first came out and I started hearing guild wars music play as I walked past the foresty part of campus? LOL that’s how you know you need to take a break…

  8. Haha! Hilariously told. I can understand this. Glad it worked out alright in the end. (Well, I’m assuming it did…)

    • Thanks EJ! Yeah, thankfully self control and a drive to not fail my classes made it work out. But I miss playing that game…its just so empty now, its no where near the same anymore.

      • It’s a shame games like that (and many things in general really) have to change in these ways over time. Nothing remains the same. :( But nostalgia wouldn’t be the same in that case, either, so there’s that. And I’m addicted to nostalgia in a way. Glad you got those classes sorted. You definitely have more self control than many. Well done!

  9. Your post was so relatable it was actually sort of sad. I love gaming in general but I’m a huge fan of RPGs and they just go on forever. I love Mass Effect and I used to dream that I was running away from husks.
    … Excuse me for not being bad ass and killing them! :'(

    • Lol, yeah, I had played RPGs before guild wars, but never an MMO RPG. Those things have so many grinding quests that you really don’t ever finish…cause once you’re done maxing a character out with every possible title, you also have a bunch more characters…
      Glad someone can relate to this, lol.

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