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Paying it forward


Fun fact, “Midori” is green in Japanese. The more you know.

So yesterday my internet bud, Annmarie (AKA Sweet Wild Flower), decided to give me this cool anniversary present for my 1 month of blogging. I’d like to take a second to thank her for being such a positive internet buddy. I’m not so used to seeing nice people on the internet. It’s a great change.

Check out that sweet piece of jpeg! I like it, its green and its got a great adjective, more importantly its got “award” at the end of it. Everyone loves awards, right? I give myself awards all the time. The dark chocolate eater award, the best excuses to not go to the gym award, the eating a second and third breakfast this morning award. That last one is really dear to my heart. I’m basically a hobbit.

So this green stallion of an award has some rules that go along with receiving it. Which I will follow, since I don’t really break rules all that often!

Select 15 bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. Holy shit, that is a lot of blogs to list….okay, here goes!

  1. Miami Transit Rider – Daniella’s Rants about Miami public transportation makes her blog my favorite!
  2. Michael Chaney’s Blog -Michael is my favorite writer that I have been exposed to since joining wordpress!
  3. Knitting, feminism and miscellaneous ranting – I WISH I KNEW MANDY IN PERSON, O GOD, SHE’S AMAZING.
  4. Lafemmeroar – I get something out of every post, she’s a great writer.
  5. Museums Reviewed – I have read every single post on this blog. Its re-god-damn-diculous how much I love it.
  6. Hanna Brencher – I just discovered Hanna via her TEDtalk regarding her more love letters project.
  7. Just Homemade – because food porn is the best kind of porn.
  8. Illustrator Bites – Heather is hella talented, I love her illustrations and her blog is adorable.
  9. Delightfully Tacky – I’ve been following Elizabeth since 2009, you could say that I follow her the most regularly!
  10. Living Europea – I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, this couple are living my dream.
  11. Map of Jo – Only recently discovered this blog, but its become my wordpress version of tumblr!
  12. Little Wolf – I want to be Maryanna when I grow up.
  13. Pretty Pink Pebbles – Ana has a little bit of everything!
  14. Stegothesaurus – for your regular dose of flash fiction! :3
  15. The Illustrious Peacock – beautiful photography, you know you want to look at it. LOOK AT IT I SAY.
  16. Violent Metaphors – for when I’m feeling sassy and science-y.

[I added one for good luck!]

As per the instructions, you have all just been nominated for Versatile Blogger Award as well. Let the never-ending game of internet tag begin!

The last rule says I have to tell you guys 7 things about myself. Now you see, the problem with this is, I already did that before. So its hard for me to come up with 7 NEW things to tell you about myself. Mostly because I’ve only been awake for three hours and I’m not at home…

Luckily the Daily Prompt has come to my rescue, giving an idea as to what what I can talk about.

1. Clothes are very important to me. I need them, or else I’d be naked. That may sound a bit obvious, but, really, I don’t want to be walking around naked. Mostly because I get cold very easily. I’m not sure why I’m always perpetually cold, maybe its bad circulation. Regardless, I need clothes so that I don’t feel like one of those shivering hairless cats. I AM A BEAR, and thus require a warm coat of fur. I prefer to be bear than bare, GET IT? O GOD IM NOT EVEN KIND OF FUNNY.

2. When I was growing up my style was that of a tom boy. All I did when I was a kid was play with my brothers toys and video games. My mother attempted to dress me up in skirts and poofy dresses, but these efforts were always met with retaliation. I remember at some point my parents started buying us clothing a few sizes up so that we would grow into them. I ended up stealing my brothers pants and shirts that were too big for him. I don’t think he minded much…but I never actually asked, lol.

3. When I was in highschool my style was that of a hottopic poster child. I wasn’t the happiest of kids when I moved back to the states. I was pretty depressed that America and American teenagers were not at all how I pictured them.  So I think that’s why I started listening to really dark music. I say dark, because it involved the color black. Lots of black. I think I wore only black for like a good solid two years of my life. Sometimes I’d add in some bright colors, but most of the time…just black. I had those giant over sized baggy pants, the ones where it looked like I was hiding a small child in each pant leg. I didn’t own shirts that weren’t band shirts. Seriously. I had spikey wrist bracelets and wore clunky metal necklaces. My backpack was filled with band patches and I only listened to black metal, death metal, speed metal or alternative bands. And I had a livejournal (does that still exist?). Basically, I was your average angsty teen.

4. My style today is a little bit of everything. I enjoy skirts and dresses again, lol, I’m glad I got over that. I also love the shit out of bermuda shorts. Best. Invention. Ever. If I’m not wearing flip flops its because I’m going to the gym. If I’m going dancing I never wear heels…as I learned the hard way that bar hopping and clubbing require a lot of footwork. I have a shit ton of novelty t-shirts. I have star wars, star trek, band shirts, a tuxedo shirt, super hero shirts, I even have a Powerthirst shirt – for when I decide that I need to be uncomfortably energetic! I also have a wonderful pile of more fashionable tops, but I never seem to find occasions to wear them.

5. My style as a nursing student screams yoga pants and college t-shirts…Mostly because I don’t sleep much, I wake up early, I spend my days studying and I have no life. Don’t judge me; you’d dress like this too. The only permanent addition to my wardrobe since starting nursing school is a watch. I never regularly wore watches before, but now I feel weird if I go a day without one. Maybe one day, when I’m a super adult, I’ll get a cool galaxy gear watch…until then, I can only hope to buy a Casio calculator watch. Those are the fucking coolest.

6. Clothes you will never see me in: overalls or no-sleeve tees. There was this one time, when I went to Japan with my girl friend Kim, that the cool peeps we were hanging out with took us to the beach and we had nothing to wear for such an occasion. So we went to a nearby clothing store, but the cheapest clothing we found were a pair of overalls…one pink and one yellow. We ended up purchasing them because our friends told us that they looked cute, and they pushed us to buy them. We looked so absolutely ridiculous. We looked like Pink Mario and Wario. It was so embarrassing. All picture evidence has since been burned. The no-sleeve thing is related, once again, to my dislike of being cold. Speaking of which, something you will ALWAYS see me carrying: a sweater or jacket. I never leave home without one.

7. My favorite article of clothing is my hello kitty snuggie. I consider it an article of clothing…even though if you want to get technical, I’m pretty sure its more of a robe-blanket. MAD? MAD CAUSE I GOT A HELLO KITTY SNUGGIE? You should be.

BAAAAAAAAAAM. Two birds, one early morning stone. Done and done! I’m ready for second breakfast now.



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42 thoughts on “Paying it forward

  1. Thanks for sharing more info about you!! <3 I love getting to know more about your fabulous self! Great blog recs, too! I checked them out and started to follow most of them! =)


      I don’t like how limiting these rules are. I can nominate whoever I wanna! And anytime you post something girl, I smiles cause you have a super contagious positive energy about you.

      There are so many great blogs out there man, I’m glad I got to share some with you <3

      • OMG!!!! YAY! I LOVE YOU, GIRL!!!!

        I love seeing all your responses to my posts, it makes posting new stuff that much sweeter AND it makes me smile!

        Thank you for the nomination =D You rule!

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  3. Your hello kitty snuggy is the best thing ever, I know because I got to wear it ones. Try not to be to jelly.

  4. Are you my soulmate?!?!?!

    Some of these are so kosmonat!

    “I also love the shit out of bermuda shorts. Best. Invention. Ever.”
    I love shorts and bermuda shorts!!!!!!!! So much that T perpetually makes fun of me for wearing shorts ALL THE TIME. Like, it’s a noticeable thing.

    “If I’m going dancing I never wear heels…as I learned the hard way that bar hopping and clubbing require a lot of footwork.”
    Uhmm YESS. Of course! Adidas sneakers all the way to the dancefloor!

    “The only permanent addition to my wardrobe since starting nursing school is a watch. I never regularly wore watches before, but now I feel weird if I go a day without one. Maybe one day, when I’m a super adult, I’ll get a cool galaxy gear watch…until then, I can only hope to buy a Casio calculator watch. Those are the fucking coolest.”
    OMG, me too!!! I haven’t worn watches since I was 9!!! But now I do, and of course I bought a CASIO because I ALSO want to be as close to those Casio calculator watches as possible, except I didn’t get one cuz T made too much fun of me for wanting one!

    Also, your “Mother, what have you done to me” drawing of lil M is too much, I died.

    • LOLLLLLLLLL Easy question, easy answer: YES, I AM YOUR SOULMATE.

      I get really upset when I wear my skinny jeans now…I’m like…I could be wearing shorts. Plus there were these bermudas I got at JCPennys, OH LAWDY, sooooooo soft and comfy. I wash them far too often so I can wear them multiple times a week, lol.

      GIRL I’VE SEEN YO PUMA CARS ON THE DANCE FLOOR TOO! I think heels are for models or people in fashion shoots who don’t have to move around a lot. Cause…they are the worst idea ever for dancing in. Like, the worst of the worst. Kim and I bought these flats that you can put in a mini purse to take with you so that you can change into them when you go out in heels – but I never used them because like, what am I supposed to do with the heels I brought? They don’t fit in my purse. Might as well just nst nst nst with some active wear shoes. LOL!

      <3 Your watch is so classy tho! I need a Casio man. I'm saving up so I can get a cool calculator watch for myself this christmas. Santa Saiyan M is the best gift giver.

      D: I have soooooooo many pictures of myself when I was younger in like super poof dresses and matching headbands… I asked my mom what kind of clothing I would wear to school, she told me I was looking at it. Dear God. …I must have blocked those from my memory.

  5. hello kitty snuggie! how! where! I need one!

    My blog loves your blog too! :*

  6. Yes, I would like to know where you found a HK snuggie, too!! It’s going to go on my birthday list! =) Please posts photos of you in it, I bet you look super cute!!!!

  7. Yayyyyy,,, This is amazing, girl, I would of expected no less, this is one of my all time favorites!!!!! and the reason that I nominated you!!!! I hope you get lots of pretty bling for your page!!! Your blog is Awesome!!! I LOVE IT!!!

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  9. Great article :)
    Thank you for the shout out and nomination! It’s nice to know someone other than my mum enjoys my blog. Hahaha

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  11. Two, three, and four you ripped straight out of my brain I’m not even kidding!
    Thank you for the shout out I had a little involuntary ‘squeeee’ so much win :) x

  12. If your prior experience was Facebook or other social media sites, blogging is ever so much better. People can be very kind — and very supportive. It doesn’t mean we don’t have our issues as well as bad days, sometimes bad judgment not to mention bad tempers. But on the whole, we are well-behaved and decent folks.

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  14. OMGGGGGGG THOSE OVERALLS… you forgot about that elastic down the crack of your butt that made it look like you had a constant wedgie. WHY, JAPAN?! And it reaaaally didn’t help that I was wearing purple that day with the yellow overalls. Wario all the way e_e

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  16. Reblogged this on Map Of Jo and commented:
    Thank you for the shout out :)
    Everyone should check out her blog. It’s very quirky with some funny vectors!

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  19. Hi super

    Congrats on getting this award! well deserved!

    and many thanks for mentioning my blog there.
    thanks for mentioning other blogs too as some of them are great and i have already started following them.

    It is good to know a little more about you. i like this thing of second and third breakfast :)
    take care

    • I’m glad you got to explore some of my favorite blogs! And getting to know me is okay, I’m not all that impressive, lol. BUT ANYONE WHO IS A FAN OF SECOND AND THIRD BREAKFAST IS FRIEND OF MINE FOR SURE!
      Keep your lovely posts coming!!! <3

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