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You guysss its been officially 30 days since I started my blog!!!!!!!!! Holy shit!

I feel so cool. I still don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m having fun wandering around aimlessly!

In celebration, I felt like drawing some cheesy cartoons… so…

Today’s daily prompt inspired this…


Okay, I really need to do some homework now. Yay one month of blogging! Yay!`


Author: imsupersaiyan

Blogging is hard. I'm just sayian.

39 thoughts on “ONE MONTH OF BLOGGING!

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  3. Wow! I loved the cartoons. You are GOOD.

  4. Woo hoo!! Congrats!! =) I’m glad you’re having fun blogging! What else would be the point to blog, right??

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  6. I’d vote for you having the absolutely best response to this prompt! Very good. Very apt and on target,

    • LOL! Aw, thank you Marilyn. I just truly think that something like this can’t be controlled or regulated. Its just a bad idea all around.
      But I did enjoy your rather generous response! Being internet queen and giving people access to the internet at high speeds? You’re basically the nicest ruler of all time.

  7. [ Smiles ] Congratulations on making it through to one month of blogging.

    And, you are right. No one can govern the internet (Well, at least not yet).

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  10. Happy 1 month anniversary, I just celebrated mine a few days ago, we started together, and everyone is noticing your drawings like me, see I told you they are great!!! ◕‿◕ they are more than great they are (SUPER) like you, I’m just saying….. Hee- Hee!!!!

    • Happy belated 1 month anniversary to yooooooooooooou girl! We are such gad damn internet twins. I bet if you asked one of us if we wanted ice cream, we would both say yes.
      WE ARE ON THE SAME WAVELENGTH! <3 lots of love to you Annmarie.

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  12. Yes! and thank you! You are my Bestest blogging buddy ever!!!! In honor of our 1 month anniversary, I want to make you some cool bling for your page and award of sorts, and I will present it to you when I am done! Stay tuned!!! Lots of love to you, Annmarie ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

    • LOL! I definitely read that like you sang your name…cause of the musical notes there.
      OH BRO! You don’t have to do that man, buuut if you’re almost done…then I think I’m excited to see it lol.

  13. Really the funny pictures you do and the references packed into them. Brilliant stuff! <3

  14. 1 Month of bloggin = No problem.
    1 month of blogging with…30? 40 poasts? = You must be the more core blogger out of all bloggers. There should be an award for that!!

    I hope you keep it up cuz I really enjoy iiiit!
    I’ve already been fearing that school will take time away from your blougging =(

    On a sidenote, I always begged T to make a blog about all the insane ish that happens in the hospitals. He rarely writes about it, booo, but I have hopes that one day I’ll be able to check IJSS and see real-life ish cartoonized.
    Anyway, comment too long! But i’m excited bc now I have a username and I can comment on your poasts c:

    • D: I blog now instead of Etsy…so I suddenly have a lot of free time LOL!
      HARDCORE PARKOUR BLOGGER. I jump all over these topics! Back flip off of MS Paint! YUS! The award is feeling cool.

      I will keep it up all the time now that I’ve convinced you to jump on board! I AM SO EXCITED!! I mean I will slow down when my class work starts to pile, but let’s not think about that right now…

      T should DEFINITELY make a blog! He’s already got an amazing flickr account! It could be a photography blog! OMG TELL HIM!
      I feel like he should only rant about nursing if he’s feeling up to it. I’m not sure why, but I have barely blogged about nursing myself. Maybe I should start? I doubt it would be as interesting than any other rambling I’ve been posting.

      I love that you can comment on my poasts, and that we can share screens on skype, and the fact that you have a blog, and I love you. Please keep leaving me long comments, they’re the best! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  15. http://sweetwildflower.wordpress.com/2013/10/04/versatile-blogger-award/ Congratulations imsupersaiyan, on being nominated for the versatile blogging award please visit link for additional information!!!!!

  16. Hi there. This is fun to read! I used to watch Dragon Ball Z and that where I heard about supersaiyan :-)

    • Thanks Miss N. We have something in common, DBZ was also the first time I was exposed to super saiyans. I’m glad to have a fellow fan stopping by. My blog, and myself, are not as intense as a saiyan…only my imagination, lol!

  17. Congratulations, by the way, on your 1st month in the blogging world. Keep sharing this fun stuff.

    • Thanks again Miss N! Blogging is a lot more fun when you’re participating in the blogosphere than when you’re only just reading blogs, I have come to find. I also have to say YOUR AVATAR ICON IS THE MOST ADORABLE THING I HAVE SEEN THIS MORNING. OH GOD, SO CUTE.

  18. DUUUDE I WANT YOUR BLOG SKILLS! Mine are just… non-existent. I have no blog skills… I blame the fact that I can’t write in coherent ways unless I pretend I’m writing a middle school paper with an outline, written copy and finally typed in. x,x

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  20. So, Brett linked your blog to a bunch of people (myself included) after you immortalized him, and I’ve loved your blog since. I’ve been forced to use it for a class, and I’m starting to take formative inspirational steps from yours. You’re blog is fun to read, and very visually appealing.

    What do you use for your pictures though? I notice they seem a little too… shiny? for MS Paint, like Keiji uses (oh, I’m his friend too).

    Seriously though. Keep up the good work. This is amazingly fun and awesome candy for my eyeballs

    • Hey Matt, its been a while since I listened in to all you guys on skype! XD lol I know who you are bro! Hope you’re well.
      Dude, those are a lot of compliments you got there, thanks!

      Straight up its MS Paint man, I was using MS Paint from Microsoft OS Windows 2003 on my netbook (it started when I was drawing things at Barnes and Nobles), but my desktop has Microsoft OS Windows Vista. All the brushes and effects are from the Vista version of MS Paint. I don’t use any other programs. I has no monies to. Also I’m too lazy to get my hands on an illegal copy of anything fancy…….mostly cause I’d have to learn how to use it and that sounds like a lot of work. (Also they’re big files and my computer is not all that spacious at the moment)

      Sorry if you were hoping it was something fancy D: but I’m super broke and lazy, lol!

    • allllllllso, what class forces you to use blogs??? LOL

  21. Haha, I’d pay to see this especially with some noisy senseless destruction courtesy of Mr. Bay!

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