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Breaking Netflix: The League


Alrighty guys, it seems everyone has finished the very first Breaking Netflix viewing! That means its discussion time!

We all watched The League – Season 1 (6 Episodes) THIS POST HAS SPOILERS! REPEAT, SPOILERS! Turn away if you want to watch this series and don’t want to blame me for knowledge you didn’t want to know.

From left to right: Peter “Pete” Eckhart, Andre Nowzick, Rodney Ruxin, Kevin MacArthur, Jenny MacArthur, Taco MacArthur

Some questions I want to ask you guys!

  1. What did you think of the series? Did you like it/not like it? 
  2. Who was your favorite or least favorite characters?
  3. What was your favorite episode and scene?
  4. Would you want to watch the next season?
  5. Anything else you want to comment on :3

My answers to those questions!

(1) I really liked this series, I think its really funny, but I feel like I miss a lot of the jokes because I don’t watch (or understand) American football. I don’t really understand how these guys can still be friends when they are such dicks to each other on a daily basis. Also, I really dislike competitive people in real life, so I feel like if I knew these people I wouldn’t find it quite as funny. I’d just be annoyed. But, as a fake comedy, its pretty good!

(2) My favorite character is hard to choose, so was my least favorite. I feel so bad for Andre, he never gets any respect, and he’s a doctor. Also, I love that his team is called the “double entandres”! I ended up laughing at his expense in several episodes, which made me feel bad. But then the Shiva episode came around and I suddenly didn’t feel so bad. Taco gets a lot of the great one liners, and Ruxin (even though he is a huge asshole) also steals a lot of scenes.  It’s a good thing Kevin has a convincing frustration face, because I feel like every time I see him he is mad. And I still can’t believe Jenny started a draft while in labor. This can’t be a healthy obsession.

(3) My favorite episode was definitely the pilot/episode 1. I feel like it was a great way of introducing all of the characters. I also can’t believe that these guys would wager naming rights to their unborn son…

I also really liked the season finale/episode 6.

(4) I would watch the next season if enough people want to see it. But I’m still down to switch it up too. I also want to know what happens after Shiva has been angered…

(5) Other comments – I have seen other seasons/episodes ahead, it is a pretty funny show. I feel like they should have introduced Rafi earlier. Rafi is the brother of Sofia (Ruxin’s wife). He’s freaking weird but gets a lot of great lines. I will say that it took me a while to get into this series, I didn’t immediately get into their humor cause they are such dicks to each other.

(6) I feel like watching a movie next, I don’t know how you guys are feeling. I keep seeing “Side Effects” pop up on my Netflix recommendations!

For those who may have forgotten the ideas we already brainstormed, here they are again.

I can’t wait to read your comments!





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13 thoughts on “Breaking Netflix: The League

  1. I have such a hard time remembering names! It’s still “single/divorced guy, gap guy, glasses guy (or guy married to cranky lady), the couple, and Taco. I’m great with names.

    1. I liked it because I thought it was funny and I probably wouldn’t be friends with them irl though… mostly because they’re so mean to each other (but mostly to gap guy).

    2. Favorites? idk, I think I kinda like the couple a lot (does this count? I’m sorry couple, I’m sure you’re great as individuals as well). Their kid is funny so that adds on to the awesome pile. I feel bad for glasses guy, his wife seems so cranky. She doesn’t give him booty but he’s not allowed to fap? D:

    3. Favorite episode/scene? idk they all had their funny moments. The one with Shiva was so cringe-worthy though, uughh I was like “ugh noo stoop!” in some scenes “SHIVAAAAAAAA!”. I hate the embarrassing/awkward moments on screen, so hard to watch through D: but I would never want to piss off a shifter, just sayin’.

    4. Yeah, I’ll probably watch it even if no one else will haha, it takes the edge off of a poopy day pretty well :D

    5. I love the phrase “Fun With Feces”. I’m thinking this is what people are going through when they write and draw with their poop in public restrooms.

    6. I have a week to watch a movie? Phht, I can do that! Or a show. Or anything. Totally not to procrastinate from anything. Totally.

    • LOL I was cringing during the shiva episode too dude, like…I couldn’t believe what they were doing. Also, I haven’t heard the word shifter in forever kim…I think I’m just not going to ever watch trueblood again. Gonna quit cold turkey. I will join you in watching season 2 for fun! Fun with feces is like what student nurses do every day of clinicals. Except its not very fun. Just a lot of feces. :L Also this reminds me of the time I went to a public bathroom and someone fucking redecorated the whole stall with poop. Like the seat, the walls, the everything. Is this what you experienced also? …I feel like our discussion should have a separate disclaimer about defecation.
      KIM DON’T PROCRASTINATE! Maybe it would be better to watch a movie, LOL!

      • You won’t miss anything by quitting it like that. I just want to watch how it dies off. It was okay and then it turned into a big trashcan full of poop. :T

        I remember there was a picture a poop wall on the internet. Someone tried to spell “bitch”, crossed it out rewrote it correctly. All in poop.

  2. Also, that picture of a chalupa makes me want to eat one right now.

  3. Haven’t gotten around to watching it yet. Started watching the killing though recently. It is pretty good so far.

    • Sorry you had the wrong impression as to how we were doing it :C
      The killing sounds like a good series to follow up with. Also it seems like Kim wants something longer (to aid in her procrastination) so perhaps we shall do a series!

  4. 1. I didn’t like the show. I thought the characters were one dimensional and the plot relied too much on jokes made on the expense of others, just cruel and stereotypical jokes. That being said I finished season one and continued onto season 2, I am three episodes in. Proving once again that boredom beats bad television.

    2. My favorite is Jenny for being sensible and clearly smarter than them all. One has to wonder if she is inky married to Kevin to compete in fantasy football.

    3. My favorite scene was when Shiva hit Andre with the Shivabowl trophy because I finally felt like someone in this show got what they deserved.

    4. In theory I would say no I would not continue to watch this but since I am I guess I could discuss the next season and “el cuñado”

    5. I would like to point out that this weekend I was able to hold a conversation about fantasy football because of this show. Unfortunately the term “trade rape” is also used in real life.

    • If Jenny is ONLY married to Kevin. Ugh typing is hard

    • ” I didn’t like the show…. that being said I finished season 1 and continuded to season 2″ !!!!!! LOL! Daniella I can’t tell you how many times I end up doing this :l I don’t know why either.
      I agree, they’re huge dicks to each other.
      To be honest there were a whole bunch of scenes where Jenny proved she was just as insane as Kevin, lol, so I am not surprised they were a couple.
      Shiva should have gotten WAY MORE air time, in my opinion.
      :l I don’t know much about fantasy football or football, so I think I would have still been completely lost if I had a conversation with someone about the real thing. You have clearly picked up on something I that is just going way over my head. Also that’s terrible…

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