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15% of Adults are offline, bunch of hipsters


A new estimate reports that 15% of Americans, ages 18 and older, are “offline.” As in, no internets.

According to an article on Pew Internet, there are several reasons why these adults choose not to use the internet. There’s a whole list of reasons, ranging from not having a computer at all, to thinking its a waste of time. But the biggest reason that people don’t use the internet, “Just Not Interested.”

Dang. Shot down like a bad date.

But, the thing that I really didn’t understand was the statistic: 14% of these adults had used the internet (at least once) and decided to stop.

This got me thinking. What kind of circumstances would have to happen for me to never use the internet again? 

Scenario 1: If I lost access to the internet.

Let’s say that I could no longer afford to pay for the internet, or my computer exploded, or both. I still foresee myself going to the local library or my university library and hogging a computer for as many hours as  I need. So, nope, I still use the internet in this case.

Scenario 2If I were stranded on a deserted island.

I’d be fucked. I have completely forgotten all the survival skills I learned in the Girl Scouts. Wait, did we learn those? Yeah, I’m super fucked. So, this would probably be the only scenario – that I can come up with – where I would be forced to stop using the internet.

But, if I survived, you know what I’d want to do when I came back in contact with civilization? Blog about it.

Scenario 3: If I died. 

Yes, being dead stops me from using a lot of things.

The problem with all 3 of these scenarios is that I can’t control them. Maybe I can try to work more to save money to buy a new computer or resume payments to my internet provider. But all of these situations were against my will. I can’t see myself willingly giving up the internet.

On a global scale, there’s a crazy number of people who don’t even have access to the internet. But if they were introduced to it, I wonder how many would chose to stop. Would it still be 14%?

I mean, I’m old enough to remember what it was like growing up without the internet. I still had fun. I may not be a fan of social media, but I mean, I have to admit I was excited to create my first email account. Even with youtube and Netflix feeding me all sorts of entertainment, I know it wouldn’t be impossible for me to go back to exclusively reading books/graphic novels/comics. I could do it. I just…choose the internet.

So, my friends, now I am curious…What kind of circumstances would have to happen for YOU to never use the internet again? 







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8 thoughts on “15% of Adults are offline, bunch of hipsters

  1. If I became convinced that the interwebs were haunted with a monstrous entity hell-bent on my destruction–a la the Ring, slow moving, then fast moving, a figure with dark hair covering her eyes, very slow, now ….I’m outta here…

    • OH NICE ONE MICHAEL. I totally didn’t even think of that one. But, it is a sound reason. Course I’d also never watch TV again either…or look in mirrors… I saw this movie…its a long story.

  2. Probably old people who can barely see and have to pretend to sniff the computer screen to use it at all. “Grandma, you have to click on the internet button on your desktop!” “But I don’t see it on my desk, I only see the letter and numbers and-” “No, grandma, that’s the keyboard, the desktop is what you’re looking at right now on the screen…. so click the internet button” “is the button on here-?” “No grandma! That’s your keyboard! Use the mouse!” “There’s a mouse?! Where?”

    This will be me in a few years. I’m already getting there, I can feel it.

  3. Pretty much like Skips. And the quality shtanks because the internet apparently doesn’t want to have a better quality version of it :<

      “so how do i get to the internet” “you’re in a message box”
      “OH GOD MY PAGE DISAPPEARED” “you swiped it so its in another window screen”
      *slowly pushes each letter on the touch screen carefully when typing in my search topic* [person looks at me like i’m crazy] “you can drag to the next letter and it’ll spell it faster”

      i’m not meant for advanced technology.

  4. Well I’m currently getting by without a smartphone, which many people find unimaginable. But the internet entirely? Do without it? If I go a day without checking something on the web it’s probably only because I’m immersed in an offline game on PS3. If the internet converted to religion I might have to leave.

    • YUSH! Me too man, I don’t own one either.
      Though I’m not sure how one converts cyber space into religion, if, let’s say, the westboro baptist church were suddenly elected to run the internet, I’d be the first to cut my ethernet cable.
      Really that’s not limited to religion for me though…I’m going to go ahead and just say “fanaticism” of anything, really.

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