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You thought you knew how to tie shoes, but you’re living a lie.


So, upon returning to my humble abode, because Barnes and Noble’s Cafe was jam packed full of fucking a million people (all of whom had lap tops and were hogging the outlets) I received an email from my Argentinian Lover: Naty Cakes. I’m going to make a cartoon of her very soon.

It seems that she has discovered a TEDTalk that I have not yet seen. Even more so, this particular TEDTalk, led by Terry Moore, has completely punched my childhood directly in the face and proven that I have been living a lie.

I thought I knew how to tie my shoe laces, but  I was so damn wrong…

WHY WOULD ANYONE TEACH PEOPLE A WEAK KNOT ? SERIOUSLY??? All those times I tripped because my shoe laces were untied, they could have all been avoided!!! O GOD WHY.

Terry Moore is the director of the New York based Radius Foundation, which seeks “to create better understanding of traditional, classical, and modern worldviews.” It’s got some interesting stuff on their site if you have a few minutes to snoop around on it.

Anyway, now you know how to tie your shoes the sturdy way. You’re welcome.








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6 thoughts on “You thought you knew how to tie shoes, but you’re living a lie.

  1. YES! glad she sent this to you! This TED talk changed my life until I realized that I had been taught the strong from of the knot (I think) so when I pretend to do the strong form it comes out weak.

    lopsided bows everywhere.

    • LOL!!!!! I literally didn’t even know this EXISTED! Why would they teach kids something that makes your shoe laces untie so easily??? SERIOUSLY!

      Even if they do come out lopsided, dem bows be staying in place!!

  2. I’m not sure if I’m doing it the weak way or the strong way. :< I tie my shoes like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMuNjnNyaiA

    I don't even think when I tie them, I just bend down and then stand back up because it's just that much less time. It's saved me like… a total of 15 minutes of my life so far. WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL THIS LEFTOVER TIME?!

    • OMG, I had to rewatch that like six times cause I didn’t understand its full power. That’s not the “strong form” of the knot that Terry Moore demonstrates but a completely different kind of knot all together I think!

      • Yeah, I realized it after I had to do that pull thingy to see how the bow would orient itself, but I haven’t had any trouble with them becoming untied (but probably because I use flat laces, if I were using round laces I’d probably be trippin’ all over myself D:

    • ALSO I can’t believe what kind of show ninja you are, that was some freakishly fast shoe ties! ALSO MOAR POASTS :3

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