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Galaxy Gear – apparently this is a thing now


So I was already way behind by never having owned a smart phone, but if Samsung’s new Galaxy Gear Smartwatch becomes common place then I have to give up on keeping up with technology…cause seriously? Smart watches???  Jesus. I can’t get over people who own televisions in their bathrooms, NOW THIS?

Apparently this has been a thing though… a couple of these fancy watch machines have been out, but of course no one tells me anything. Here’s three, with a comparison, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal:

For $299 you can have your very own galaxy space technology smarty pants wrist device! Apparently its the first one in color and comes with up to 70 pre-loaded apps (gat damn), not to mention a fucking camera with voice controls. Apple is suppose to come out with something as well…I’m picturing something along the lines of a ipod nano watch.

I got to be honest, bro, the term “galaxy gear” is hella cool sounding. Even though in my head, that’s not what I would expect when I hear those two words together…the first thing that comes to mind for me is:

In my head I’m visualizing LA gears that have a hipster-like tumblr space-themed print; but this is an incorrect line of thinking.

It’s for sure a watch. Regardless, galaxy gear is a cool name. If someone came up to me and was like, “ey grl, you want some galaxy gear?” Even without knowing what the hell they were talking about, I would be like “CHEA BRO! OBVI! MY TUMBLR BACKGROUND IS THE MESSIER 86 CLUSTER, I’M ALL ABOUT THE GALAXIES BRO!”

This gets me excited for REAL MUHFUHKIN SMART WATCHES!!! “Super Saiyan M, what are you talking about?” I hear you say, well, I’ll tell you.

Although fancy educated wrist jewelry seems like the ultimate accessory, I will never be impressed until it can summon a MECHA GUNDAM!!! Think about it, all the cool watches do that shit! Take for example:

I also recall another amazing wrist watch…anyone remember the city of Amnesia?

Those are the smart watches I want, amirite? Just saiyan.

Remember when that old school Casio calculator watch used to be the shit? All my friends were like “CHECK OUT THIS WATCH IT HAS A CALCULATOR” and that blew my mind. Like, that was the smart watch, you couldn’t wear those in math class, I assume because its too smart.  One time this kid had a watch that was able to change the television channels…pretty sure that’s just some straight up magic shit.

All of a sudden I feel like buying a new watch.  :C

So, would you get one of those smart watches? Or are you holding out for a gundam watch like I am?








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3 thoughts on “Galaxy Gear – apparently this is a thing now

  1. I agree with your Power Ranger argument. If these watches don’t even have the ability to let you wear an all spandex suit, I dont even know why I would bother. Over it.

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