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Le Fitness Goal

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So, as I previously mentioned, I’m attempting to regain healthiness. That includes the shedding of fatties. So here’s the situation:

I don’t think I should be this shape. This is not a normal human shape. As you can see, the situation has really gotten out of control. To start addressing the many not-good-for-me lifestyle habits I’ve acquired I have to identify the etiologies and target them to ensure change.

So, nursing school causes a lot of problems that are not great for a healthy lifestyle; namely hours upon hours of sitting down and studying with no physical activity. Q___Q. Yeah, that’s not going to change, but a lighter load this semester does give me a bit of a break.

Shitty food is related to stress. When I stress out I eat foodies, I believe the coined term is “stress eater”…don’t judge me. This I can change easily, and have already been attempting to, so I have faith that I can change this. Its more the length of time that I can maintain a healthy diet that I  am not so sure about.

As for the videyas, when I had downtime from studying I went straight for something mindless but entertaining enough to relieve stress: MMOs??? God damn it, I took a break from sitting down and studying to sit down some more. So, as of right now, and for the past few months, I haven’t really been playing any videyas. Recently I’ve been driving around, visiting family & friends, reading a shit ton of books…basically I haven’t been home to werk my desk top. But, to be honest, I just haven’t felt like playing anything. Getting back into books has been really exciting and when I feel like giving that a break I go straight for some television shows. Granted, I’m swapping sitting at my computer for sitting with a book, or sitting and watching TV/TEDtalks, so not a lot of activity going on there. But if I’m going to be physically active for at least an hour a day, I guess it doesn’t matter how many books I read?

Here’s my goal: work out at least an hour every day, eat healthy small meals throughout the day, monitor my body measurements – not my weight.

So I want any tips anyone has for keeping on track with a diet or physical activity regiment. Or if you have any recommendations for books :3 cause yeah, I’ve been doing a lot of that – doesn’t matter the genre!







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